Unwinding after a long day


A little Saturday post dedicated to chilling out and unwinding!!!!

After a long day at work I love coming home and just chilling out! Especially during the winter months, when it’s cold and dark I actually look forward to getting home, putting on my PJ’s and doing well …. absolutely nothing!!

I think it’s really important to have unwind time after a full on working day! Some days my evenings are taken up with writing new posts and other days my evenings are my own!!

I don’t know about anyone else but the first thing I HAVE to do when I get home is get out of whatever outfit I have chosen to wear that day and get into something a lot more comfortable! Usually my PJ’s if I’m honest! But I also have a few comfortable skater dresses that I wear if it’s a little to early for PJ’s…… but really, is it ever too early for PJ’s!!??

Next on the list it’s hair up time!! Messy bun or top not I really don’t care, it’s so nice to just throw it up and get it out of my way!!

Dinner is always followed by a long hot shower, because does anything really beat a nice hot shower?! I usually listen to some music whilst showering, I have my iTunes on shuffle and listen to everything from Disney to Meatloaf!! Music is an absolutely great way to unwind and de-stress!

A face mask is a must after a long day- the body shop have a great range and I am loving their Himalayan purifying face mask at the moment.

Most evenings I am usually busy with lifestylelisa, planning new posts and brainstorming! Seriously blogging is a another full time job!! But my cut off point is 9pm where I stop with the blog, make myself a hot chocolate or cup of tea and binge watch Pretty little liars on Netflix!! Pretty little liars is one of my guilty pleasures I can’t believe I didn’t watch it when it first aired because I absolutely LOVE IT!! I am part way through season 5 which means I have another 2 seasons to go!! I cram in as many episodes as I can in an evening as I can’t watch it with Luke because in typical guy fashion he doesn’t like it!! The other thing I like to do (when I can squeeze it in) is read! I’m such a book worn and love books and reading!!!

If I make it into bed before midnight it’s a winner! But usually I get side tracked with Netflix and end up finally crawling into bed at gone midnight!! I’m not too good if I don’t get enough sleep, so I usually come with an approach with caution sign the next day!!

To help me sleep I have my favourite pillow mists, they are super relaxing and I now take them everywhere with me!! I also don’t sleep without my eye mask!! I like feeling relaxed so even if I do go to sleep after midnight I still wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy (most of the time!)

Okay, your turn, how do you guys spend your evenings? What’s the best way to unwind after a long day at work? Leave me a comment below.

Have a great Saturday everyone, whatever your up too


L xxx


5 thoughts on “Unwinding after a long day

  1. Love this post! I do all these things to unwind after a working day as I definitely need to de-stress 😬
    I love Pretty Little Liars and have watched it at least twice, my favourite unwinding show though is Gilmore Girls 😊 xxx

    1. I’m going to add Gilmore girls onto my list, I’ve never seen it! I think I’m going to be sad when PLL has finished, it’s so good!!!xxx

      1. I’ve heard good things about that! And the main guy was in gossip girl (don’t know if you’ve ever watched it) but I’ll definitely add you to my list!! Thanks for the recommendations 😁xxx

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