Happy Saturday!!

It’s finally here, the long working week is done!! Anyone else excited for the weekend?! Or just me!!

I have to say I am very happy that here in the UK we have a lovely long bank holiday weekend, I have plans for getting my hair done, and shopping (holiday shopping)

The long weekend is actually very much needed, so far this week hasn’t been the best for me. I’m actually full of cold (highly attractive) and haven’t been too well at all. Monday I had to get my Typhoid, Hepatitis A and tetanus vaccination’s done for Seychelles. So basically if I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself just by having a cold the shots definitely finished me off! I’m so annoyed as I had to have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work! Annoying when your a girl who (touch wood) is rarely Ill and was trying to go for the ? % attendance in work!!! But I’d rather be ill now, than in 2 weeks time when I’m due to fly.

But I’m definitely starting to feel a lot more human now, thankfully, I’ve even managed to put on some make up today!!

I have so much I need to be doing right now, my Seychelles trip is FAST approaching, 15 days and counting! I need to get holiday and travel essentials, start packing, download a whole range of music on my phone to keep me occupied on my flight (suggestions welcome) AND I also need to do my Seychelles clothes haul!! YES don’t worry it’s coming! I may do a make up one too!!

I am now getting so excited for my trip, it really can’t come quick enough, and I’m ready for it too!! I’m ready to chill and relax and be surrounded by beautiful scenery. I also can’t wait to blog! I am really looking forward to sharing my adventure with you all, and as I’ve said before it’s somewhere I have never travelled too, so a new destination for me!!

FYI fellow travellers if you are heading to the Seychelles on vacation you need to get your vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid and your tetanus booster!!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

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Oh and any good song suggestions for my 10 hour flight that I can listen too on my Iphone…. leave me a comment below

Thanks for reading

L xxx