Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and is feeling all chilled and relaxed!

Friday (22/06/18) was another busy day for Luke and I, as we got to celebrate another beautiful wedding, this time it was Luke’s cousin who was walking down the aisle on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

Since Luke and I got together in 2013 we have attended 8 weddings in total, which is just as well because I absolutely LOVE  a good wedding! Of course with each wedding we attend I NEED a brand new outfit, after all it’s mandatory isn’t it?

My outfit I wore to Friday’s wedding I have to say is my most favourite yet! It’s not something I would usually go for, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!!!   

Getting the look

Dress- I got my beautiful dress direct from ASOS priced at £85, I just loved it, it’s a style I don’t usually go for, but loosing some weight has definitely given me a bit more confidence than I have ever had before (the dress I wore is a size 8). I thought it was ideal for a wedding, and I had so many compliments on it, although I am not sure when I’m going to wear it again (sad face)

Shoes– Another fab buy from ASOS, priced at £28. Being only a small 5ft I always wear heels for nights out and occasions.  I am usually a stiletto girl, but I am just SO OVER my heels sinking in to the grass or getting ruined when i’m walking on shingle, so this time round I decided to go for a block heel. Lovely shoes although by the end of the night, they were not so comfy!!

Necklace and Bracelet set– These are both from Gucci and were bought for me by my boyfriend Luke, the bracelet was for Valentines day 2016 and I got the necklace for Christmas 2016. I love this set, they are so pretty and delicate, Luke really does have good taste!!

Earnings– I absolutely love these earrings, which are super sentimental to me as Luke bought them for me for our first Valentines together back in 2014. They are little diamond studs, with the diamond coming from Canada! They are really classy and since i ALMOST lost one a few years back I really do only wear them for special occasions!!

Facinator– This little gem i picked up from ebay for £11, it was brand new and still had the tag on and was exactly what I was looking for! I am not a hat girl at weddings, I think my hair will be ruined, so will always settle on a stylish facinator.

Bag– I have to say I do love a designer bag, bags are my weakness, for some people it’s shoes or clothes but for me it’s bags! But this bag isn’t designer, In fact I picked this up from New look 3 years ago for around £12.99. I recently went to throw it out and my mum took it off me, which was lucky, because this is the bag that definitely finishes off my outfit!!

Nails, Brows and Tan– These were all done by the lovely Lucy from Be-a-la-beauty, she is the only one I trust to do my beauty treatments and I am always super super happy with what she does.

Make-up– Whilst I would like to take credit for this, this was all the great work of Daisy at Lightbox studio in Great Dunmow. And seriously what a great job she did, I was super with my look, and will definitely book to go there again when I have another event. I am more than capable of doing my own Make-up but for special occasions there is nothing better than getting someone else to do it, it seems to stay flawless for a lot longer and it’s certainly less stressful than doing it yourself!

Waking up on Friday morning (EARLY) it was great to see the sun was shining, and I was hoping it would stay that way too!! What a lovely day for a wedding!

The whole day from start to finish was beautiful and the bride and her bridal party all looked stunning, the bride and groom were perfect hosts all evening and it was so nice Luke and I were invited to celebrate their magical day.

Saturday Luke and I spent chilling out in the sun, the weather in Essex was absolutely GORGEOUS!! Summer is most definitely here!!

We chilled out, and ate some healthy raw snacks, whilst catching some sun!

Sunday (24/06/18) was all about my Nanny’s birthday, she turned 82 last Thursday, but we celebrated with a little garden party on the Sunday. As always my mum does the MOST AMAZING BUFFET, quite literally nothing comes close to her buffets!! And it was another beautiful day too, which meant more time sitting and chilling out in the garden.

I think my nan enjoyed herself, and got spoilt of course!! Happy Birthday Nanny June

The weekend is sadly nearly almost over, but I will spend the rest of my evening chilling out with Luke before the working week starts over.

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, enjoy your week, and if you in Essex, be prepared for some hot weather!!

Thanks for reading

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