Yes I am BACK with ANOTHER Disney post! I think I am having withdrawal symptoms that I am not heading back to Walt Disney World this year, so I keep myself occupied with never-ending Disney Posts.

This Disney post is dedicated to MY TOP 5 Magic Kingdom tips, these are the tips that I feel everyone should know when visiting MK!!

  1. Book early dinning reservations– You will see this one feature a lot in my top tips because I CANNOT stress enough how beneficial this will be to you! By getting an early breakfast reservation you will have early entry to the park, which is great for picture’s because the park is a lot emptier but also once you have finished breakfast you are already in the park and can make your way to one of the rides. I would say Seven Dwarfs mine train is a good one as it’s so popular, and you will be able to ride it a couple of times before the park is busy and the queue has formed. I can also recommend dinning at either Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal table (these are two of my favourites)
  2. Use Fastpass plus wisely– Please research your rides and their popularity before you book a FP +, there is no point wasting a FP on the teacups or the carosel or Dumbo for example, so you need to utilise and work out what they will be better spent on. Luke and I look at the wait times on the My Disney App leading up to the booking of our FP’S so we can ascertain which rides are busiest at what time! Trust me, it’s a good idea!!
  3. Get your Main Street Parade and Happily ever after spot EARLY!– I can’t STRESS this enough! You need to get your spot for both, anything from 1 hour and 30 minutes BEFORE the parade and show starts! It sounds crazy I know, but TRUST me, it’s worth the wait, and do you really want the disappointment of not being able to see very well? …. didn’t think so.
  4. Spend more than ONE day at Magic Kingdom– Don’t even attempt to do MK in one day, it just won’t work, the park is too big and there is far too much to do, breaking it down into 2 plus day’s will allow you to experience everything and not miss anything out. It’ll also give you more of a chance to relax and not spend your entire day running around.
  5. Only watch the Main Street Parade once- Of course you can watch it as many times as you like, but Luke and I decided to watch it on our first visit of the holiday, and then when we went back to MK again, we missed the parade and went on the rides instead as the queue time is nearly always a lot shorter.

So that is MY TOP 5 tips for you to consider when planning your Disney Vacation!! You can also check out my other park tips HERE

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