Happy Friday Readers!! The working week is almost over and the weekend is in sight! Hope everyone has had a great stress free week!

It may sound mad but I actually love busy weeks at work, I love the crazy days when you don’t know whether or not your coming or going and are doing a hundred things all at once. I love getting to the end of the day when you just slump in your chair thinking “what just happened here” those type of days are my favourite!

I have had a pretty good week, on Tuesday I went back to slimming world, I was a little nervous as I hadn’t been for 3 months! Although I have been (mostly) good I have had a few weekends here and there when I haven’t been as good as I should have been!! So yes I was pretty nervous to be stepping on the scales after almost 12 weeks……. I was ECSTATIC to learn I had lost 10 pounds YES 10 POUNDS!! I am now weighing in at 8st 51lb’s, which I am really pleased about. I have smashed 2 of my targets, the first being getting down to 9st and the second target was making it to 8st 91lb’s! I have decided that I want to get down to 8st, although that may sound tiny to some people it is actually the weight I should be for my 5ft frame, so if I can make it to 8st I am happy to fluctuate between 8st and 8st 51lb. It’s taken me a while seeing as I started this journey back in October 2017, but finally I am starting to feel more confident.

I now need to start toning up and hitting the gym, as well as carrying on with my clubbercise class, which of course I love!! I have just 87 day’s until i board my plane to the Seychelles, I need to get some motivation back!!

Tonight (Friday) after work Luke and I travelling up to Norfolk to celebrate his sisters birthday, it’s lovely to head away to the quiet village of Horning (Norfolk) for a few days and spend some time with family. I’m hoping the weather will be nice and if it can’t be hot and sunny at least stay dry!! I am looking forward to having a few glasses of Pink gin (officially my new favourite drink) and slim line tonic without feeling guilty, and having a nice chill out, with plenty of good conversation.

Of course here in the UK it’s Fathers day on Sunday, so I will head back to Essex to spend some time with my dad, and hopefully he’ll cook a meal or something, I may put in an order for a quorn chilli con carne! well if you don’t ask you don’t get right!! Happy fathers day dad!!!…… 

Whatever you are all doing, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and to any fathers reading my blog, Happy Fathers day….Enjoy 

Thanks for reading


L xxx