Happy Thursday!! The weekend is in sight just two more days to go!!

So I was thinking last night with the summer season “finally” here! I have a few things on my to do list I must do in the next few weeks. I have some summer goals and things that generally need to be done that I just keep putting off! It’s just that with warmer weekends all I really want to do is be out and about unseats of tidying up!

So here is my little list

1) I have decided it’s time for a summer clear out, i didn’t have a spring clean this year and I have lots of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and lots of last years summer clothes that are now too big for me since my weight loss (never thought I would be writing that!). Last year I sold some bits on eBay, but to be honest that was a bit of a mission. So this year i’m, going to look at selling some bits on the Facebook selling pages. I have never done it before but thought I would give it a try!

So many clothes!

2) Being the Summer seasons means it’s time for salads, lots of salads! Salad for lunch and salad for dinner. Luke and I are on a health kick (even more so than usual) so we are living on salads, Luke has chicken (mainly) and I like tuna, prawns or seafood sticks. So my lunches and dinner don’t become boring I like adding seeds and nuts which keeps it interesting! 

I love a summer salad!

3) Speaking of health kicks Luke and I are doing “SFS”  this year which means slim for Seychelles. For the past  3 years it’s been FFF (fit for Florida) but seeing as Seychelles is the destination for 2018 we have decided to get slim for it, hence the salads!! I am also going to start hitting the gym with Luke on the weekends. Now I’ve lost the weight I need to maintain it, which is actually more difficult than loosing it in the first place! Temptation is literally everywhere!! and for me it’s in the form of crisps and nuts! I have a weakness for all things savory!!

To be fair this is a photo from 2015!!

4) Keeping things minimal, okay so summer is here and that means ONE thing….. SPIDERS! YES! I am a massive arachnophobe, I hate spiders, they can reduce me to tears! So I am trying to keep things simple and minimal in my room. I am forever dusting and picking Luke’s clothes up off of the floor after him (seriously lucky I love him!) I am just trying to lesson the chance of the creepy 8 legged things!

The Minimal, Tidy room

5) Holiday shopping, as they say out with the old and in with the new! And seeing as I am having a big summer clear out, that will make space in my wardrobe for some Summer/Holiday clothes! ASOS is probably one of my favourite online shops, I have the premiere next day delivery option set up so I always know if I need something ASAP ASOS won’t let me down. Plus they do lots of different brands including Ted Baker and DKNY to name but two . They also have a good range of men’s clothing so Luke always has a good spend up just before the holiday!

So there we go, a few things I need to tackle this summer, as well as getting out and about and enjoying the sunshine!

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Enjoy your day 

L xxx