Why?? Why does the weekend that you waited so patiently for all week long, go by in the blink of an eye!

And why is Monday just like the worst day ever? I don’t even like the word Monday unless it has the word “bank holiday” before it!! If anything goes wrong for i can almost guarantee it’ll happen on a Monday!! 

It’s like all of a sudden after a short 2 day weekend there you are with a full week ahead and you’ve still got Tuesday and hump day Wednesday to get through before the end of the tunnel is even near!!

My weekends at the moment (as I have mentioned) are extremely busy. Last weekend (12/05/2018 Saturday) was all about bra shopping. Poor Luke had to sit there in the shop for around 30 minutes whilst I tried on bra after bra to find the one that would fit perfectly under my beautiful maid of honour dress that I will wear at my cousins wedding in 2 weeks time.

With the bra safely purchased I also popped into to see my best friend Emma at shine hair and nails for some much needed TLC on my hair. And my god what an amazing job (as always) she did! I am so lucky to have 2 gorgeous best friends that are both super talented hair dressers!!

Of course Saturday evening was all about food, a movie and some quality chill out time!

Sunday’s are left for well deserved lay-in’s, we ALWAYS have a lay-in on a Sunday, getting up before 10am on a Sunday is just a crime!!

We completely chilled this Sunday, apart from collecting my new bed from Luke’s, the rest of the day was pretty much ours!!

Now here we are again…..on a MONDAY!!

Hope you all had a lovely fun packed weekend

L xxx