I know, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing any more posts on Disney because sadly I am not heading back there this year (2018), and instead will be having a more relaxing chilled holiday in Seychelles. BUT I have decided to do one final Disney post regarding the memory maker as I haven’t gone over this in much detail in previous posts, plus I have been asked a few questions about this recently.

So firstly what is the Memory Maker?… Well, the Memory Maker is a brilliant way to enjoy unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos captured at hundreds of locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort—including select attraction and dining locations. The photos are conveniently connected to your online Disney account with a touch of your MagicBand or card. There’s no need to purchase each photo individually. You can simply enjoy your vacation knowing that your memories are being captured for you.

On some selected rides like Tower of Terror you also get videos, and seeing as that happens to be one of my favourite rides I loved being able to watch that final drop over and over again!

It’s not just ride photo’s that you can fully take advantage of. Throughout the parks you will find PhotoPass photographers just waiting to capture your special moment, whether it’s the perfect shot in front of Cinderella’s castle or a snap with one of your favourite characters, the PhotoPass photographs are there to make sure it forever becomes part of your Disney memory.

And what’s more is there are extra special photos you can get, you never know what may turn up in your memory maker, but I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

Now come on, who doesn’t want a picture of Tinkerbell in the palm of your hand?! These shots have to be my favourite! And are so magical in every way!

My advice is don’t be shy about asking the PhotoPass cast members to take your picture, they are more than happy to do so. When Luke and I were there in 2016 we didn’t take advantage of this, so only ended up with a handful of photos. Last year however was a whole new ball game! We had SO many photos and magical shots, wherever we saw a photographer, we went and got our picture taken, and as a result have some absolutely beautiful memories to look back on.

The price for the Memory Maker is around the $169 mark which is about £125 (depending on the exchange rates) However there are sometimes deals on at the time of booking which will include the Memory Maker for free, so it’s VERY important to check with your travel agent! We had no idea this was included with our package in 2015 and therefore didn’t use it at all!!

Whether you get it included within your booking or have to pay for it, I highly recommend in you doing so. These memories will last a lifetime and are a beautiful keepsake of what will surely be one of your best holidays!