Summer is finally here.. I think, I mean I hope it is! Although I don’t want to jinx anything and with the British weather being so unpredictable you just never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Okay for now the sun is out it’s 24 degrees and it feels like summer. After spending months buried under thick clothes, black tights and boots, my legs for one are glad to see some sunlight! Not that my legs or any part of me was actually summer ready! I needed a tan and fast!

Which brings me on to today’s blog post, if you read my post last year at about achieving the sun kissed glow you will know that last year was the first time (in a very long time) that I had decided to stay away from sun beds! I have nothing against them, in fact I love a sun bed and used to get one every Sunday, but as I’ve got older I have become more aware of the effects it can have on my skin, like ageing, sun spots and of course skin cancer. And with so very many awful cancers out there I guess I am just trying to eliminate one.

Last year and this year my tan has mainly come from a bottle, with a little help of a spray tan, for important events, such as weddings, and holidays!

I have tried many (many) different bottled tans, from San Tropez to Garnier and everything in between. Last year I was rather settled on Palmers natural bronze lotion, but even that after a while started to streak!

I was in Superdrug last weekend buying some new tan, when I noticed they had there own range called Solait. It wasn’t a brand I was familiar with but the fact that it wasn’t tested on animals was enough to make me put it my basket and give it a go! That and the fact that it was priced at £3.99 rather than the £12.99 San Tropez tan, the price was SO good I even decided on a face tan cream priced at £4.99, just call me a little bargain hunter!

Let’s fast forward almost a week, and I am pleasantly surprised and happy with this product. I actually noticed a subtle difference after just one day of using the tan, and after just a few days of me applying it every evening after my shower I have developed a non streaky nice holiday glow! The tan also has a lovely tropical scent to it and not the usual “oh your wearing fake tan” smell that usually accompanies these products. The face tan cream is equally as good, with the same tropical sent and again I notice a subtle difference after just one use!

Because I have more of an olive complexion I am now using both products every other day, but of course it’s up to you how often you apply.

I would recommend this product to anyone, I myself am a self confessed brand snob, but in my opinion this is one of the best bottled tans I have tried in a very long time!

I have a few other summer essentials that I absolutely swear by, and cannot be without!!

The honey bronze face gel by The body shop

The Honey Bronze shimmering dry oil by The body shop


The Honey Bronze tinted leg mist by The body shop!

These items will definitely be heading to the Seychelles with me this year!!

What’s in your summer bag? Or do you have any more cruelty free brands you can share with me?

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Enjoy the Sunshine  

L xxx