Today was something I had been SUPER excited about since Luke had told me we were going here, earlier on in our vacation! Today we were heading to Amazing Animals INC!

Luke and I had first come across amazing animals inc a non-profit exotic animal rescue centre who take in unwanted, abused, or abandoned wildlife, on a vlog we watched by the Tim Tracker whilst we were vacation planning. Obviously being a huge animal lover I really wanted to go, this was my idea of heaven. What I didn’t know was, Luke had actually picked up on my many….many hints and contacted the centre to book us a private tour whilst on our holiday (he’s most definitely a keeper!)

Amazing Animals inc is located in St Cloud FL, which was about a 30/45 minute drive from where we were staying at WDW. It’s a little off the beaten track, and you will definitely feel as though you have taken a wrong turn, as it’s very residential. When Luke pulled into someone’s drive I was thinking we were lost, but no Amazing Animals INC is in fact literally in someone’s back garden!!

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the lovely Kylie, who was going to be our tour guide for the next hour or so. Kylie was warm, welcoming and very friendly and chatty.

We started off the tour in the reptile hut, where we got up close with a beautiful python, and iguana and a lovely bearded dragon (all of which you can hold) and also learn some interesting facts about them. From there we saw pigmy goats, silkie chickens, a Kinkajou, Bam Bam the striped skunk, Frank the tank the snapping turtle, Geoffrey Cats, Willow the rescued Bobcat, Marbled foxes, an Albino opossum, Cavy’s, and Owl, Birds, a giant tortoise and ostrich (who really loved my nail polish) And my FAVOURITE, Luke the sloth and his companion Lily! I was so excited to meet these guys, because not only did I meet them I got to go in the cage and feed them too! They are amazing animals and were so chilled out, it was a great experience, one that I will treasure for years to come.

Throughout the whole tour Kylie was informative and told us lot’s of interesting facts about the animals as well as some of their sad story’s on how they come to end up at Amazing Animals. I loved her passion and her love for every animal she has in her care, from a snake to a sloth she is passionate about all of them and what she does, and I love that. There are so many cruel people in the world, it’s a breath of fresh air to find someone who truly cares.

At no point did we feel rushed on our visit, it was all very relaxed and spent a good while asking some questions and chatting with Kylie, who didn’t seem to mind at all.

If you are visiting Florida any time soon, PLEASE check out these guy’s and book in a tour. It really was one of the highlights of my holiday.

Thanks Amazing Animals INC for such a memorable time.