Christmas, my most favourite time of the year, a time for giving, a time for receiving, a time for roasting chestnuts on an open fire while watching love actually for the millionth time whilst drinking a salted caramel bailey’s. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year………………….But what happens when it goes WRONG, what happens when your looked in room with an evil zombie elf with just one hour to escape and make it out alive. The only thing that can possibly save you is your voice, and Christmas songs! I can still hear the terrified screams that haunt my dreams the panic as 11 of us desperately fought to survive and escape to see another Christmas. It was a Sunday evening like no other, for on this particular Sunday we bravely entered the ESCAPE ROOM!……

Everyone who knows me (I mean really knows me) knows just how much I love an escape room, and if you follow my blog you will know that Luke and I actually did one back in October (blog link here) ????

In fact Luke and I enjoyed our time at room escape in Southend so much that we decided to venture back to try our luck at their Christmas escape game!This time though we wasn’t alone! We had enlisted the help of the Kendal’s! Or in other words Luke’s Mum, dad, and two sisters Mel and Charlotte.

Unlike last time, Luke and I went with the determination of winning and actually escaping, we were fully equipped this time round with two teachers added into the mix, there’s no way we wasn’t escaping right?!…… 

I never like to give too much away, as the suspense and unknown really is half the fun! But I can tell you that we had an hour of absolute fun and good spirited frights, it’s definitely not as intense as the cabin which was the one we did back in October, but it’s still pretty jumpy and I just loved the Christmas theme! I mean a zombie elf at this time of year, who doesn’t love that!! The inside of the room was decked out really well, and once again I actually forgot where I was (a building in Southend) and was immersed in what I was meant to be doing. The Christmas carols playing in the background added just the right amount of eeriness.

As well as my team of 6 we actually had another team of 5 join up with us, obviously we didn’t know them, and initially I thought it might be pretty awkward pairing up with people you had never met. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong and after the formal introductions around the Christmas table (whilst wearing Christmas hat’s I might add) it was like we were old friends, and all completely got stuck in working as a team to try and escape the room!!

With just 10 minutes to spare we opened the final box which released the Key to the door! We had won our freedom, and no infectious bites had been gotten by any of us, phew!!….

I really can’t recommend room escape enough, it’s so much fun, it’s a laugh and it’s great for team bonding, and what’s more is that its only going to take an hour out of your day!

I know Luke and I will definitely return in 2018 to try another brilliant escape game, I can’t wait to see what new  rooms are to come!

Check out Room Escape Southend’s Facebook page

Or their website

Merry Christmas!!