The title says it all….. YES I am literally 2 days away from my first ever TOUGH MUDDER!! It is now the FINAL COUNTDOWN!! 

I am feeling extremely anxious and nervous at the moment, feelings that I hope on the day will subside and be replaced by excitement.

If you have read my previous Tough Mudder blogs you will know that I started this journey way back in late December early January. You will also know that I am nowhere near where I should be after 8 months of training, although I have seen an improvement on my running, which at the start saw me running for a minute on the treadmill and nearly collapsing to now running for a full 2 miles NON STOP!

Yes I know it’s laughable, I mean in reality I thought I would be hitting 5 miles by now, but that is the reality, I am not a runner!! Simple!!

Okay so I may not be physically or mentally ready….. but I am nails, tan and lashes ready!!

Last Saturday I had the lovely Lucy from be a ‘la’ beauty visit my house fully equipped with everything I needed to make me look half decent for the big day!! I have to say she was lovely, friendly and chatty and made me feel completely comfortable whilst standing in just my nickers waiting to be spray tanned!! My tan almost one week on still looks incredible. My lashes are amazing I LOVE them and I have had lots of lovely comments on them. I went for the Russian volume lashes as I am used to wearing strip lashes everyday. Lucy spent time talking me through my different lash options (who knew there were so many) so that I would end up with the most perfect lashes. She also did my nails and had an incredible case filled with so many different nail varnish colours and glitters I had to get my sister to help me to choose!!! This was the first time I had used be a ‘la’ beauty, but Lucy had come highly recommended. I can confirm this recommendation and will link her website here so please be sure to check her out!!!! Lucy will be doing my treatments before I head off to Florida this year, and I can’t wait!!!! Thanks Lucy I am now Tough Mudder ready!!!!

Okay so the final run before Tough Mudder! It was a hot 2 miles, that would have been non stop, except we spotted a pig in a near by field and being the animal lover that I am I couldn’t resist going over to see it!! I’m not sure Luke was that impressed as he was long gone……..
I must say I found it really really difficult this week and was really worried I was going to sweat my tan off!! I mean that was literally my main concern!!… Once we had completed 1 mile we stopped at the adventure playground and Luke was trying to give us an idea of the things we would be tackling on Saturday. We were jumping up and down and on and off of the kids climbing frame and that pretty much just reconfirmed that I will not be able to do any of the obstacles on Saturday! Although it was a giggle…. even if I did manage to bruise my arm!!

The run home was harder than I had noticed in previous runs, maybe because I was now exhausted from trying to get over the climbing frame!! Anyways I was so happy to see home and the bottle of water that was waiting for me!! And was even happier knowing that, that could potentially be my last EVER Monday night run!!!!
So here we are it’s Thursday night and I’m packing!!! And asking myself over and over “what am I doing”…. nothing can prepare me and I’ll just have to go with it and see how it is in the day. Luke said to me tonight, the worst thing that’s going to happen is that I’m going to end up walking it and doing only a few of the obstacles…. and he’s right, that’s literally the worst that can happen, that made me feel slightly better.

There’s no turning back now…. 2 days and counting!!!