Here I am on Week 28 and just 9 days away from taking part in one of the biggest challenges of my life to date! Okay so I'm not climbing Everest or tackling mount Kilimanjaro, but this is still a very very big deal to me. I never in my wildest dreams ever saw myself taking on a Tough Mudder, and nor did any of my family or friends for that matter!Completing it is my only goal, I haven't set myself any time goals or anything like that, I just want to finish and get my headband and t-shirt!! And then have a big celebratory meal afterwards (after I've done my make up!!!)

Speaking of make-up I have booked myself in for a spray tan and to get my eyelashes done the week before!…. I know people think I'm mad and I'll be covered in so much mud nobody will even notice. Well the way I see it, I'm probably going to finish last, and pretty much suck at all the obstacles so the least I can do is try to look decent at the end of it! Seeing as I won't be able to wear actual makeup tan and lashes will have to do!!

I also had a little pre Hair trial too as I need hair that's going to withstand the mud and water so a messy bun just won't do!!! But we are thinking probably French plaits, hopefully they will stay and last the duration!!

Lastly I have also purchased a new pair of trainers! They are not the ones Luke wanted me to have, but the ones he wanted me to have were proper running trainers and I wouldn't have been able to wear them for classes, so for me I thought it was a complete waste of money!! Instead I went for some cute Nike Trainers in black and pink, which although are not official running trainers Luke said they would do! Look at the end of the day trainers are not going to make any difference for me! I'm still only going to be able to run 2 miles at any given time! So unless they are super trainers my £25 Nikes will do!!

With 12 days to go, I'm still out there trying and we still all meet for what has become our weekly Monday night run. I can add another 2 miles to the bag-NON STOP!!! It was tough, it doesn't get easier, and I accept that. I think this was possibly my best week so far as I completed the 2 weeks quicker than I ever had before and at the fastest pace I have ever managed!! So all in all I was pretty happy!
9 days left…… that's 1 more Monday 2 mile run!!!! #nervous #notready