I cannot believe I am just 19 days away from my Tough Mudder! I’m not sure it will even sink in until the week leading up to it. When I do think about it, I get nervous knots in my stomach, I really have no idea how I will feel on the day, but i’m getting the feeling I will have a sense of dread!!

We are travelling up the night before (Friday 18th) and have booked into a hotel for 2 nights. Travelling up early Saturday morning is the last thing I want to do, especially as it’s a good 2 hour drive, and seeing as I know I’ll be extremely nervous and anxious, I’ll be worrying the whole journey up! So it’ll be nice to have a decent nights sleep and some food in the morning before the big event!

I can’t even explain how much I wish I was just going to spectate!! I’d love to be there to watch Luke and his sister Charlotte, who are pretty much pro’s at it! Next time anything like this enters my head again I’m going to remind myself of what a stupid idea it is, and leave it there.

I’m definitely not where I should or want to be on week 27, I have mentioned this in previous blog posts, but I was hoping that 7 almost 8 months in I would be easily running a good 5 miles. Unfortunately 2 miles is my limit and with 19 days to go it would take a miracle to get me to 5 miles now!

That’s not to say I haven’t done well, as when I first started this journey I couldn’t run for a minute on the running machine without wanting to collapse in a heap and cry, so all in all I think I’ve done quite well!

I managed 1 run on week 27, which was with Luke on Monday evening, it was initially intended to be a short 10 minute run, as I wasn’t really in the mood (okay when am I ever in the mood for a run) but also it was raining! like really really raining, that fine rain that gets you soaked! I was absolutely adamant that I WOULD NOT  be running 2 miles!

We started off from my house as per usual, I had a face like….well a slapped arse really, but come on, its raining and i’m running, i’m not overly keen on either if i’m honest! So when I started off I was doing this half-hearted can’t be bothered kind of run, and then Despacito started playing on my iPod and the next thing I knew I was owning it!

Gone was the can’t be bothered girl and was replaced by a dedicated serious athlete who was sprinting down the road with Despacito playing in her ears!!! Okay that is well and truly exaggerated but I did up my game when that song started playing, it’s a good tune and and I just kind of got into it and forgot about the fact that I was actually running!

I never planned to do 2 miles, but at every check point (Luke will always stop at certain points to wait for me and check that i’m okay….and that I haven’t run home!) I decided to keep going,. I was never sure it would be 2 miles but I knew I wasn’t ready quit just yet.

I felt such a massive sense of achievement when I got home and had completed just over 2 miles, and got drenched in the process, I mean lest we forget that it was RAINING!! But nevertheless I was so proud of myself and happy for getting out there and getting it done.

I’m happy with the fact that I CAN run 2 miles, and on the day of Tough Mudder if I can cover 2 miles running in between the obstacles I will be more than happy, I know I will also have to do a bit of power walking to get me through the 12 mile course, but keeping going and finishing is my main priority!…….Oh and tackling those obstacles too!!!!!