Week 26 and I am now just 4 weeks away for partaking in my FIRST TOUGH MUDDR! I can’t believe it’s almost here! I am so nervous, not one little bit of me is excited!! I’m hoping that nearer the time I might have a little bit of excitement in me!!

I’ve accepted the fact that running isn’t for me and I will never find it easy, and in 26 weeks it has never got any easier, and I certainly don’t expect it too now! I will never be able to run 5 miles non stop, even though when I started this back in January that was my initial aim.

But I will carry on for the next 4 weeks, until my Tough Mudder is over! Then no more running for me EVER!!!

Well this week I am super proud of myself, actually I am super proud of myself and my Tough Mudder buddy Teresa! On Monday we completed a 2.21 mile run!

As I mentioned in last weeks blog I was disappointed that we didn’t push our 1.71 mile run to a 2 mile run!! I was so exhausted and couldn’t muster up the motivation to go that little further! Unfortunately I kicked myself for it afterwards! This time I was more determined than ever to hit the 2 mile mark! Luke had mapped out a new route for us, which would make sure that we did make 2 miles, well provided I lasted that long!!!

Okay it was a hot evening! And that was even more evident as soon as I started off. Luke is a much faster runner than I am not to mention better, but I don’t feel compelled or pressured to try to keep up with him, instead I now find it more important to try and concentrate on my breathing and do it at my own pace.

It was HARD, like really really hard!! A large part of the run was up hill, which was my biggest struggle. I was determined not to stop although my pace was pretty slow, but I made it to the top of the hill without stopping once!!! I’m pretty  proud of myself!

Obviously what goes up must come down, and running back towards home was slightly easier as it was all down hill!!. I couldn’t wait to get home and drink an ice-cold bottle of water!! I was also very very happy to have done 2.21 miles!!! I’m sure that’s a new PB!!

The struggle was and still is very real and we are of course 4 weeks away from Tough Mudder, and clearly things are not going to get any better now!! So this is it!!!! It’s 2 miles or nothing!!!!

After my 2 mile run, I decided I didn’t need another run, this week….. because I don’t want to over do it do I?!

Thursday I sweated and glowed my way to a 435 calorie burn at clubbercise!! Not bad is it!! Hoping the momentum keeps up for week 27!!! We’ll see…………