Week 25 and I think I’ve found my motivation, or at least some motivation anyway. Okay it’s taken a while for me to finally accept running into my life (it can go as soon as this Tough Mudder is over!) but for now it’s here and I’m doing it. I still don’t love it, I think I could do it for the next 20 years and still not love it, but for the next month at least I’ll have to grin and bare it, and tackle it like a pro!

I have tackled this week pretty much head on, although I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for a text from my Tough Mudder buddy, that came on Monday.

Quite clearly I didn’t fancy a run, and if it hadn’t been for my TM buddy Teresa messaging me I would have been quite happy to head home and chill out! Knowing that this was a great opportunity not to have to run on my own for a change and to hopefully get in an extra session, we settled on a 7pm run and managed to rope Luke into coming too.

Monday had been a fairly hot day, and by 7pm the temperature had only cooled slightly, even so I was in high spirits and really really glad of the company! We managed to do 1.71 miles!! (That deserves a high five) And I have to say I am so proud of us!! We stopped once or twice and only very briefly, then we were straight back on it!! 

The real drama came when I was running back towards home and a fly full on flew into my eye!! I mean vision impaired or what!! Teresa was on hand to help me remove the fly from my eye, but I wasn’t impressed, I mean this is one of the reason I don’t run!! 

Fly aside it was a good run and as I said I’m proud of us!! But I was kicking myself for not pushing it to two miles!!…. NEXT TIME!!!!

So Wednesday i wasn’t too bothered about running since I had done pretty good Monday night, but as in always say anything is better than nothing, so I decided to take myself on a short 10 minute run. It was pretty standard, just a short loop then back home to see Luke and have some dinner. The main thing is I got out there and did something!!

And then we have Thursday night! clubbercise night!!!! It was so muggy and the routines were pretty energetic, so once again i left class looking a pretty disgusting sweaty mess!! But i absolutely love my Thursday night class, and the 350 calorie burn that goes with it!!!!

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