Another week has literally flown by! I can’t believe we are in JULY!!! That means I can officially say that my Tough Mudder is NEXT MONTH!!! (And so is my birthday, #justsaying) but let’s get back to the TM!!! Oh my god, next month! 47 days to be exact! That’s crazy! And I’m nowhere near ready for this! I know you think I should and would be after 7 months of training…. but nope I’m definitely not ready!! 

It all comes down to just not being bothered! I have better things to do with my time when I get home than to go out for a run. So instead of it being the case of I can’t do it, it’s more I don’t want to do it!! Yes I know it’s the wrong by attitude to have but unfortunately it’s the attitude that I’ve got. 

So here is how week 24 went for me!……..

As you all know by now Thursday is class night!!! My Thursday night classes are so much fun!  They don’t feel like a work out at all as it’s such a giggle, yet I honestly do leave class dripping with sweat! I had a good 350 calorie burn from Clubbercise this week too!!! Which is great seeing as earlier on in the day I consumed a cake which had 500 calories in!!! Feeling guilty! But it was so delicious!! Glad I had class to burn off just some of those calories.

Things got serious on Friday, I’m slacking, and I know it! With 48 days to go, I should be smashing this by now instead of plodding along. I talked myself out of running on Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday as it was raining (I’ll use any excuse) not that I’d melt if I ran in the rain (I’m not the wicked witch of the west or anything)But rain to me seemed like a good excuse, that and the fact that I had washed my hair!! Friday I knew I’d have to go out on a run when I got home from work, and the fact that I’d be running solo made it a whole lot worse. Luke wouldn’t be home for a while as he was out with work, so I was going it alone, just me my Nike app and some tunes to help me on my way. I actually thought of not going for run and LYING ? AND SAYING I DID!!! That thought honestly crossed my mind at least twice!!! I mean really who would have known!!!! Lying however will never get you anywhere in life, and I would be doing myself no favours by doing so, so as usual reluctantly I set off on my run!…..

The weather was cooler than it had been previously, so that was a bonus, but now as I previously mentioned it’s not so much about the struggle of running as it has been for so many weeks, it’s now about me not being bothered. I could have pushed myself on to do at least 2 miles but the truth is I didn’t want too! I had been at work all day, I was hungry I was tired, I didn’t want to be out there running!! I have no motivation for it! I hate it, and this unfortunately is my biggest issue right now!! So I completed 1.26 miles and was happy to get home so I could shower and eat!!!

So 47 days to go, I need to shake to attitude and find the motivation to push myself! I think come the actual day of Tough Mudder I am going to have a huge wake up call when I struggle to get over the first wall, and have an emotional breakdown round the rest of the course!….. I just keep asking myself the same question over and over again WHY DIDN’T I JUST SAY NO!!!!!Until next week