I think the title speaks for its self! But this week (week 24) I can confirm that I got back into RUNNING!!! (Multiple high fives needed here!)

With my first Tough Mudder as you guys most probably know, being only 2 months away, I knew I needed to take serious action, and force myself to get out there!! I’ve not had the right attitude lately and the “I can’t be bothered attitude” will certainly not help me get around the 12 mile course!

Wednesday was the day when I ventured out for my first run in weeks! I didn’t want too, work had been pretty busy and to be honest all I wanted to do was pour myself an ice tea and sit outside with my book, soaking up the last bit of sun of the day!

But that attitude will get me no where! So as soon I got home, I got changed and headed out the door! Hesitation would have given me time to talk myself out of it! Luke wasn’t home for another 20 minutes which gave me time to at least get out there and TRY!

I was actually really really proud of myself! It was really hot and I was on my own, but determination got me through it! It was a quick and short 0.82 mile run, but the point is I still got out there and did it! And when i started off on that run, I was only going to do the short circuit, but I pushed myself to go on, and I was proud when I finished, not to mention extremely relived!

I’m hoping that I can keep up that determination as I enter week 25, with only 2 months to go, its getting incredibly real now! and I am getting incredibly nervous!! Just thinking about the day sends my stomach into all kinds of knots! I am so use to being there as a spectator to watch Luke, it’s crazy to think that I myself will soon be in his shoes!!!!

I had another really good hot and sweaty workout class on Thursday (they are definitely getting hotter and harder I swear!) Teresa (my fellow first time TM) is also loving it and getting into it! and this week she bought her sister Caroline along to get her groove on and get glowing along with us! Seriously who said working out can’t be fun!! It was a great laugh, and I burnt a lot of calories trying to put in as much energy as I could, despite the heat!!

So another week has been and gone, I can’t believe that we are already mid way through June! This year is flying by, Tough Mudder was booked back in December, and at the time of booking I remember thinking how far away it was and how long we had to go! And now we are just 2 months away from it!! That does also mean that I am also only 3 months away from my 2017 Walt Disney World holiday!! (but that’s another blog altogether!)

I am tackling week 25 head on!!! BRING IT ON!!!

See you next week guys!