I’ve decided on just a mini blog this week because once again I don’t have anything to report on. Unfortunately this is becoming a recurring little pattern, with the promise of “I’ll be better next week” never actually materialising. 

I am slowly loosing count of the weeks, but I think we are on week 23 now!!! And I know we are definitely only 67 days (at the time of writing this post) from Tough Mudder!!

My biggest issue so far is finding motivation! When you hate something so much trying to get motivated to do it, is ridiculously difficult!

I have all the best intentions in the world to get out there with the “go get em attitude” but that never seems to materialise.

I have been seriously slacking on going to my classes too! But that changed this week as I have a new work out buddy who is also my fellow first time Tough Mudder partner! So this Thursday I had the pleasure of Teresa (Luke’s mum) joining me to glow hard at clubbercise, it was great to get back into it, I didn’t realise how much I had missed it, until I was back dancing to club tunes in the dark dripping with sweat!! Teresa really enjoyed it too, and I have to say she was very good at it too, picking the routines up pretty quickly. So I have now booked us both into class for the next few weeks!!! I am back on that at least!!

Now to sort out my running and gym!!! I’m now in a rut and really can’t be bothered! I started off so well, for me anyways! Then I did ONE 2 mile run and gave up!!

I only have one goal and that is to finish this Tough Mudder and make myself proud! (And hopefully make Luke proud too!)

Desperately trying to turn the page and throw myself back into it! I have a great new workout buddy (Teresa) and we’ve also had a little chat about fitting in a run or two, I’m pretty sure we can motivate and encourage each other!!! We still have 67 days to go! Anything is possible.