When your fake tan is running faster than you! (My Tough Mudder Journey) 

I’m loosing count of weeks!!! I’ve been doing this for so long now it’s slowly (so very slowly) becoming a routine, so we are at week 17 now, my progress has been slow and painful, but last week I smashed it with my very first 2 mile run! So the question is, do I now attempt another 2 miler or do I GO FOR IT and attempt 2.5 miles, or even 3?!?! (Okay 3 is pushing it) let’s got for 2.5 (keeping it real and all that!)

I took the plunge and stepped on the scales the other day! it’s not where I want to be but it’s okay, and great that I can now monitor it, and hopefully start seeing results!

Right so let’s see, how did I do on week 17…. Well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were a washout, I didn’t fancy running OR even head out for a walk!!! I had 3 lazy and chilled evenings and managed to get a fair bit of blogging and reading done!!! Result!! Although that really doesn’t help my training at all, still I plan to make up for it Thursday and Friday!!

So it’s Thursday night!! Clubbercise night!!! I plan to put heart and soul in it tonight, as last week I was a little off my game, not sure why I just wasn’t for some reason feeling it! But anyways totally different story this week, I smashed it!!! Worked my butt off, loved the tunes, sweated like mad, it was great fun!! My week always feels a little incomplete if I can’t make a Thursday night!!

FINALLY ITS FRIDAY!!!! It may have only been a 4 day week, but my god it dragged!! So I was all smiles by the time we got to Friday!! Friday is also all most definitely RUN NIGHT!! Luke will always make sure that even if I have had the most demotivating week ever, that we make the effort and run on a Friday!

This week I was determined (and confident) to beat last weeks PB of 2.08 miles, I originally wanted to do 3, but thought that was a little too presumptuous of me, so settled for 2.5 miles instead (far more realistic I think).

I waited for Luke to get home and we left for our run just shortly after 19:10, from the start, it was freezing! And really windy! But once I started running I’m sure I wouldn’t even notice that! Unfortunately I was wrong, about 5 minutes into my run I started getting earache. Now I have suffered with earache since I got tonsillitis back in 2003, which for some reason played havoc with my ears, which means even if it’s bright and sunny and warm, yet breezy, chances are I will get earache!

It’s fair to say that I started struggling as soon as the earache hit, because it was so painful. I did carry on, but when I hit a mile I just wanted to give up. Did I feel like crying? Yes!!!! But only because my ears were so painful!! Now I love my boyfriend for many many reasons, and one of them is just how encouraging he is with me, he was there to give me a big cuddle, before telling me to stop crying and pushing me on my way. I really felt like giving up but Luke wasn’t letting me bail out any time soon!!

We did a slightly different route this Friday which meant I only had to tackle the hill once (thank god, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it a 2nd time!). The only problem was, this route came in much shorter than last weeks run!! So by the time I made it back to my house I hadn’t hit the 2 miles! (So much for 2.5 miles!!!!). Now by this point I just wanted to go home, run over, I was cold, exhausted and had a bad earache. Luckily (I didn’t think this at the time) but luckily Luke was not letting me give up without a fight, and kept on pushing me telling me I could make it to 2 miles (even though I kept telling him I couldn’t)!! But I did push myself, and I did in fact managed 2.01 miles. I’m disappointed that I didn’t match last weeks, and very disappointed that I didn’t push myself to do 2.5 miles like I had originally wanted!!! There’s always next week right?!

Okay so run over, I look forward to chilling out with dinner, but before that when I was getting changed out of my running gear I was horrified to see that my fake tan had run!!!! I sweated that much that I was now STREAKY!!! What a fail!!!! I need to invest in a new tan that doesn’t run when I run!!! And what’s more is that I have booked in for a spray tan the week before my August Tough Mudder!…. Is that just the worst idea ever?…. I may need to re think that!!!

See you next week!💞


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