This blog is a little late…. but hey better late than never!!

So here we are another week of work outs and classes, (This is week 14) the only progress i have made is getting fatter….. could that potentially have something to do with the title?!!!

Anyways this will be short and sweet, lets get going !

So quick re-cap-I was like soooooo happy with my progress last week, I totally felt like an athlete! (And I love to exaggerate but I felt good, same thing). I had absolutely EVERY INTENTION of throwing myself into week 14 and smashing it!! And then things just got in the way, and my good intentions never materialised into much.

So here’s the low down…..A very brief low down of week 14.

Monday-forgot to book my sister and I onto class, like seriously what an idiot!! Went to do it last-minute but the class was full!! Utter despair! So I decided when I got home I’d take Daisy out for a nice long walk…. that didn’t materialise either! I got home decided I was tired, showered and chilled out!! Great start Lisa!!!! (Thumbs up!)

Tuesday was going to be my “go get em” day, I had the best intentions of running, all day I kept thinking “tonight I’ll run”. I then left work got home and I……….chilled! Well I took the dog for a 5 minute walk but it was so cold that evening I made what should have been a good 20 minute walk into a 5 minute one! I then went home showered, and chilled out!! Can I just say it was so nice to chill out!! I actually got to start a book and I had an early night!! Between running, classes and blogging it leaves very little time for much else!!

I hit Wednesday with the same attitude as Tuesday “I can’t be bothered!”. The thought of getting changed and running was just not appealing to me! Luke managed to convince me to head out for a bit, but I was keen to make it a quick one!!! Still it’s better than nothing!!! Picture of progress posted below.

Thursday!!! Bring it on, I was so ready to hit Thursday and get to my class!! I was going to work extra extra hard to burn off some calories!!! Of course sometimes things just don’t go to plan….. and I ended up sitting in A&E with my sister for 4 hours!! My lovely sister had been to jump street aka accident central, and had landed funny on her ankle!! Thought it might be broken due to the swelling, and pins and needles so off I drove to A&E. Gutted I couldn’t make my class, but I balanced it out well by not eating!!! Not that I planned not to eat but there wasn’t much choice in the vending machines of the healthy variety, so I opted to wait until I got home. Big mistake as I got home at 23.45 and was so tired I just wanted to fall into bed!!!! So no workout, no dinner, and super tired!!! I am totally smashing this week!!

So finally we hit Friday! I have a really busy weekend ahead with mum and Luke’s birthdays, and I also knew that would mean A LOT of food consumption, SO I had to run on Friday evening! Seriously it was now or never!! Luke was home by 7 so it was great to have him come out with me. I must admit my heart wasn’t ? %  in it, as I hadn’t packed for my weekend and I needed to get to Tesco! It’s hard to fully concentrate on running when I know I’ve got things to do, but still I had to get out there! To be honest there isn’t actually a great deal to report on! I didn’t do as well as last Friday, my pace was slower and I didn’t make it as far! The slight incline of the course that i run which I have fondly named Everest due to its sheer size (I’ll try and take a picture next run) absolutely kills me! Seriously I sound like someone who’s just completed a triathlon (but worse) I literally can’t breath and my muscles ache so much I have thought about crying! Luke is very encouraging and so patient with me, he literally stops his run and waits for me to make sure I’m okay!! Anyway I completed the run but because I knew it wasn’t as good as last week I felt disappointed in myself. 

Well I said this week was going to be a quick blog….. and this is where it ends!! Well almost, as my title may suggest I have had a junk food filled weekend, and that is true!! Well you can’t exactly have a birthday without cake, and crisps, nuts, chocolate, popcorn and whatever else I ate! So it’s fair to say I over indulged and felt very very guilty the day after! But I will never learn I really need to sort my self out and have stronger will power!! My only saving grace was Luke’s sister Charlotte taking the tub of pringles away from me, otherwise I would have definitely eaten half of them!!! She has my back! (High five to that!)

So now this is where week 14 ends!! I’m going to be back after the Easter break! I’m going to spend Easter chilling with my family and amazing boyfriend, sorting out my instagram and twitter pages and drafting my blog posts on Florida, tough mudder AND my Dans le noir review!! Plus anything else I get up too will get a mention too!!!

I can’t thank you enough for reading my blogs! It makes all the effort I put in worth while, blogging is like having another full time job!!! But knowing they get read is a good enough reason for me to keep at it!.

Enjoy the read

Happy Easter

Little miss keeping it real?