So here we week 12! and so far I have achieved nothing! I didn’t make either of my classes this week, and I haven’t yet run!…. and we are on Thursday! I have had the “I can’t be bothered week” and to be honest doing a tough Mudder in 4 months is loosing its appeal!! I have just had one of those weeks where I just have no motivation to do the training I know I should be doing!

Okay so Mondays and Thursday class I unfortunately couldn’t make (cue bad mood as I love my classes) but sometimes the odds are just stacked against me. Instead of doing nothing though I decided to still get out and about with Daisy (cutest little Westie ever) so Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we headed out on a nice long country walk. She loves her walks but isn’t so keen on actually walking to get to her favourite “hang out” which is the playing field! It’s about a 2 mile walk or thereabouts, and it’s uphill for a lot of the way. Once she’s up there tho she is completely in her element. 

She is a total cutie!!!…. anyway having a dog is a great way of getting in some exercise when you are not up to the gruelling run!!!! And while I know it’s not as much as a calorie burn or work out that I would get from a class or running I was still pretty pleased with the results!!…. at the end of the day anything is better than nothing!!??

Okay so all day Friday I have felt so guilty for not running this week, I decided that as soon as I got home I was going to change and head straight out for a RUN!! If I waited for Luke chances are I’d talk myself out of it. So I got home parked my car changed and off I went!!! I didn’t know where I was going to run so I just headed towards the church yard, and then continued through the fields and eventually back on myself all the way home! Of course living in the countryside you see a lot of dog walkers out and about. And being a huge animal lover I did briefly stop to stroke 2 dogs and a cat! How could I resist!!! Anyways I made it back home and was so so happy with my efforts!! I have also ditched the couch to 5k app and have started using the Nike app. So far I actually prefer it, it gives me more of an indication of how I’m doing.

Good effort!!!!!

I had a busy Saturday which included getting my nails and brows done, and lunch out for Mother’s Day, which was delicious! I’ve never had a crab cake burger before, but it was good!!! Anyways I had decided I wanted to head out for a run early on that morning, I was determined to get to get in two runs to make up for the lack of motivation. Okay probably not the best idea I have ever had…. running on a full stomach….. but I was in the zone and eager to get going!! I decided to take Luke on my little countryside route, although he left me in a cloud of dust (I definitely need to work on my pace). So off Luke went and I just did my best, although part way round  I did wonder why on earth I would even contemplate running 2 hours after eating the biggest crab cake burger!!! Anyways I battled through it and did 1.61 miles NON STOP!!!! I don’t care what anyone says, I am so so pleased with my self!!! I just need to keep at it, and try and find the motivation from somewhere!! The nights are getting lighter now so really I should have no excuses!!! I need to make myself go out, I was getting a little complacent, and it will be too easy for me to give up all together! Tough mudder in 4 months…. and counting!!!!

The weeks go by so quick!! I can’t believe we are nearing the end of march! Anyway this wraps up another tough mudder blog for another week. Hopefully I’ll find my motivation next week.

I know I say it every week but I appreciate all the likes, comments, clicks and views on my page. Enjoy this weeks read.

Little miss keeping it real ?