So here I am week 10!!!… wait a minute I actually made it to week 10!!! I am so proud of myself for not giving up (yet! There’s still time!) I never thought I’d still be going at it 10 weeks on, this is like a high 5 moment! Although I’m actually sat here on my own whilst typing this so no actual high 5 for me.

So how did I get on at week 10!?

Well Monday we (my sister and I) didn’t make it to class ?? we tried but the odds were stacked against us. Not wanting to do nothing we took the cute little Daisy out for a nice long walk, she loved it, we did just under a mile and managed I think about 205 calories. The beauty of living in the Essex county side is that it’s quite hilly in places so we were definitely working those muscles, I know it’s not a clubbercise calorie burn but I’m happy I still got some exercise in, and I am giving myself a pat on the back for finding some Monday motivation!

Tuesday is of course run night, first run of the week, I always find it difficult to get motivated for a run! My aim as always is to get home get changed and get out the door before I change my mind. I was out the door by 18.05 which meant I had a little bit of daylight left. Knowing that I did two 20 minute runs last week made me determined not to drop below that! I had my 20 minute playlist ready and actually felt confident I could do this! I decided to set myself the song challenge again where I must make it to the end of every song! Well what can I say!!! I did it 3rd time I have made 20 non stop minutes!! Maybe I am a runner after all….. okay reality check, 2o minutes doesn’t make me Mo Farrah! But even so it makes me so happy! I did suffer with a little bit of calf cramp part way through, but like a pro I pushed on and made it to  the end! I don’t want to get too cocky but well…… I did good!!!! Just saying!

Let’s just be honest here and say Wednesday was a wash out! I made it home and then talked myself out of running! I decided that since I ran the day before I should give myself a break in between!….. who do I think I am! I mean I’m sure if I had previously done a full on 12 mile run I could qualify for the day of rest, but somehow 20 minutes in a field doesn’t really cut it!

No more slacking for me (this week at least) I hit Thursday head on and was ready and out the door by a good 18.20 pm that evening. There was a chill in the air tonight and it felt a bit autumnal, which is my favourite season of all, it was also still light out, which is always an extra bonus! I threw myself into tonight’s run, and I have to say I personally think it was my best so far! I wasn’t almost ready to collapse on the floor at the end of it, in fact when the 20 minutes ended I carried on for an extra minute! Alright so it’s only a minute but it’s a minute more than I have ever done! I didn’t get cramp and the run actually seemed like it was over really quick! Luke has said to me that he thinks I should get the Nike running app now and ditch the couch to 5k, even though I haven’t actually as of yet done 5k!…. he said the Nike app is better as it tells you your pace, not that I need an app to tell me that I’m slow when it comes to running, I know that without the app thank you! But still I might look into it and see how I get on, it would be quite useful I guess to see what pace I am currently at. Tonight I did 100% cardio, I assume that is good?, also burnt a decent 181 calories??

And I got a little award too!!! I AM awesome!!!!

So Friday I did download the Nike app (I assume this is the one Luke meant?) 

So I’m thinking moving forward I may ditch the couch to 5k and see how I get on with this, although I haven’t actually run 5k yet so isn’t that defeating the object!?. Anyway I fully intended on using this app Friday night except my Friday night turned into chilling with movies and POPCORN!!! I am so easily tempted!!!! I get really disappointed with myself that I cave in so easily!

I’ve decided to pack my gym stuff for my weekend with luke and hopefully we’re get in a quick session in just so I don’t feel as a bad about myself as I do right now! The words guilty and lazy spring to mind!!?.. Saturday however I have a date (with Luke)  and will be watching Kong skull island at the cinema! But I’ll be good and grab a soya coffee frappe (no cream) from Starbucks and a small bag of low fat sun bites popcorn from Tesco (88 calories per bag).

Well this brings me to the end of another weekly tough mudder training blog. Although I haven’t done as much in the way of workouts this week, I am very proud of the fact that I can now run for 20 minutes nonstop, this is such a big achievement for me, now I just need to keep going!

It’s at this point I just want to say….

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Really hope you enjoy the read today, of course I’ll be back next week with another tough mudder journey blog??

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Until next week

Little miss keeping it real?