Welcome back to my weekly tough mudder training blog, I can’t believe it’s been 9 weeks since I started this journey, I have definitely so far had more downs than I have ups! And I’m sure there will be loads more downs over the next 5 months! (Although please god let there be some ups too!) I finished week 8 feeling extremely disappointed in myself, I really felt like I had reverted back to the old me on day one when I couldn’t even run for a minute without stopping, it was really deflating to struggle so much.

I wanted to start week 9 feeling positive, I needed my ‘I can do this’ attitude back. First work out of the week was my Monday night clubbercise. Now I feel it only fair to point out that my Saturday was spent with family, having a great catch up and eating a fair amount of buffet food, and crisps, nuts and chocolate. So when it came to Monday nights class I knew I had to work pretty hard to try and burn off some of those calories! I certainly sweated loads and got well into the routines but my calorie burn wasn’t as good as previous weeks, although the fat burn is higher…. which is better??

Either way I worked hard, so I’m happy knowing I put effort into it.

The weather on Tuesday was very hit and miss, it’s still really cold and kept raining heavy throughout the day,  I admit I sat there in work thinking ? ‘can I really be bothered with this’? okay that is completely the wrong attitude to have and I know that! My mum and Daisy (the dog) were actually ready for a walk by the time I got in, leaving me very little time to change my mind and talk myself out of it. I was up the playing field by 6.20pm which is the earliest I’ve managed so far! It was nice because it also wasn’t pitch black like it usually is. This week again I opted to miss out both the 5 minutes warm up and cool down and head straight into the full on 20 minute run. Again I decided to go into this feeling positive, I put my 20 minute playlist on and went for it! I’ve never been this determined if I’m honest, I tried not to think I about the running but instead concentrate on the music and my breathing. 2 songs in and I hadn’t stopped so I set my self song goals, I had to make it to the end of each song without stopping, then I’d move the goalpost further, and before I knew I HIT my first NON STOP 20 MINUTE RUN!! That deserves a high 5 or something!!  I was so pleased with myself I did a little celebratory jump in the air!!  Go me!, it wasn’t easy my calf muscles started to ache, and I had a small stitch but I was so determined to get through this I stayed focused. My pace wasn’t very fast granted, but the point is I did it!!! I felt so happy about this! Now I need to make sure I can do this again!!!!

Okay so I can do it…. just not on Wednesday…. Wednesday was just one of those days, I was so proud of myself for tuesdays efforts I didn’t want to jinx myself and not be able to do the full 20 minutes! Okay I agree that is a lame excuse but there is a little truth behind it. Luke was stuck in traffic again which meant running on my own again, and although we don’t run together (his pace is a lot faster than mine) it’s just nice to know he’s out there with me. Instead I opted for a bit of casual reading whilst waiting for Luke so we could have dinner.

This book by the way is a great read! Luke surprised me with it the week before last, took me a while to actually get round to reading it, as between writing my 2 weekly blogs, full time work, excercise and trying to have a tiny social life it doesn’t really leave a lot of time for reading! Actually blogging is very time consuming (as I have come to realise) I like to blog at least twice a week, so I work on that of an evening after my run or workout class. I am so far really enjoying blogging and am pretty proud of my blogging page  (thanks to Luke for helping me get it looking so great), and it actually means a lot to me that so far I have had a pretty good response to my posts, it makes it all worth while. 

Of course I do welcome comments, shares likes, and tips. So please make sure you spare a few moments to do so.

Here we are on Thursday!!!! I can practically feel Friday right now! Tonight is clubbercise! (2nd one of the week) now I have to give a shout out to my sister who was not feeling well tonight but she battled through it, so Lora….this shout out is for you!!!??

I was a little disappointed with my calorie burn tonight actually, I worked hard, walked out of class dripping with sweat (attractive) but I only burnt 285 calories!!! WHAT!!!!!! Not possible when I put so much effort in!!!!, I think my Fitbit is broken! Yep let’s blame the Fitbit!!!! Still it was a great fun class though.

So here we are Friday, before I can even begin to relax though I have to first get out there and run! Happy tonight that Luke is joining me, so I won’t be so lonely up there. We headed out at around 19.10pm, it was darker than I would’ve hoped for but never mind. So now this is the real moment of truth!… can I do another 20 minute no stop run or was it just a one off! I was so determined to do this I threw myself into it, once again focusing on the songs and setting the goals of making it to the end of each song, I did experience another stitch part way through which stayed with me until the end but I did my best to ignore it and not let it slow me down or put me off. I went through stages where my pace was faster and then there were other  times when  it was pretty slow, but whatever I’m out there doing it and trying, that is the main thing. So proud of myself too as I did it…. again!!!! 20 minutes non stop!! When I first started this journey I couldn’t do a minute on the treadmill, tonight it feels worth while and that I have achieved something, I am ending the week in a massive high. Next week I think I will do 1 more 20 minute run next week then up my game and carry on with the app, I’ve totally got this…. she said!….

Enjoy the read, until next week

Little miss keeping it real?