Week 8 is finally at an end! I can’t believe I’ve been battling through this for 8 long weeks now! I swear it’s just getting tougher and tougher, when is it going to get easier! There is still no significant improvement and I am getting inpatient.
Let’s start with Monday! Mondays are the worst day of the week!, unless it’s a bank holiday and you can chill out! But usually Mondays for me are the day I have the least motivation and the most to do including my clubbercise. You know what it’s like when you get home after a day at work and you just don’t know if you can bother going back out again!! Luckily I do love my classes, so I manage to get the motivation from somewhere!! I’ve been doing 2 clubbercise classes for over a year now, I have to say I have way more stamina and energy than I used too, and I always feel so good after the 45 minute work out! This week was no exception, I worked my butt off (well I had too after the  shocking week I had previously ) and I burnt 365 calories, not too bad at all! I’am shocked my Fitbit decided to work this week too, as last week it had a melt down as didn’t want to sync up!!!
I confess that Tuesday I didn’t run or do anything for that matter (except finish of my Disney blog, which you can check out on my blog page!) sometimes life’s little things just get in the way and you have to put excerciseing on hold.

Disney blog!

Wednesday though I was back on it and more determined than ever to nail this 20 minute run in one go! All day I was feeling so much more motivated, it was milder outside than it had been, and it wasn’t raining or snowing! Unfortunately like most things that motivation was short lived! As soon as I got home I couldn’t be bothered, Luke was stuck in Traffic so it once again meant running on my own, but as Luke pointed out, I have to nail this, time is ticking and I need to nail running before august! And if I admit defeat now I’ll never get back into it! (I do hate it when he’s right!) Luckily our Westie Daisy needed a walk so mum agreed to come up to the field with me to walk her while I ran.

What cutie she is ??

I decided that I was going to miss out the 5 minute warm up and cool down (bit naughty I know) but it’s an extra 10 minutes added on that sometimes I don’t have time for! So I thought, you know what let’s just smash that 30 minute run and get it done. I’ve got my 20 minute specially designed run playlist playing and I’m just in the zone, I go through stages where I’m more focused on the music than running but then I remember what I’m doing and it becomes a struggle again because I’m thinking about it. So far I felt like I was doing pretty well, I had one or two pauses but they were literally for seconds, so I’m not going to worry too much about them, although my goal is of course to run without stopping at all. My run I would say was going pretty well, until….. yep the weed smoking little boys were back, and naturally they couldn’t resist shouting things out, luckily I was near the end of my run, but it was still extremely off putting. At the end of the day I don’t have a problem with kids doing whatever they want wherever they want, but just you know, be quiet!! Luckily as I mentioned I was nearly done, so at least managed to finish off. But I’m sure it’ll be the same scenario this week at some point.
Thursday!!! The weekend is in sight!! And storm Doris is upon us!!! Yes Thursday was a truly windy day, with winds reaching around 30mph! Luckily I wasn’t running tonight, as it was clubbercise night! And my god did I sweat it out!! I worked so hard trying to burn off unwanted calories! Unfortunately once again my Fitbit decided that it didn’t want to record my calories tonight!! It’s very hit and miss!, time to invest in something new I think!
After Fridays run I am back to feeling utterly and completely deflated, I feel like during my couch to 5k journey so far all the progress I did make has gone, I have literally taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back (sad sad face ?). It’s really hard to be motivated when your keeping your eye on groups of kids, and unfortunately Friday night was no different, luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I had to put up with last Friday or Wednesday but even so I’m getting annoyed with it now, and I feel like it is affecting my performance. Tonight was really bad, I couldn’t even run non stop for 10 minutes, which is so disappointing as prior to this (as in the week before last) I was hitting 15 minutes without stopping! So what the hell has happened! This really isn’t where I thought I’d be on week 8. Just feeling so deflated as I sit here and type this, the tough mudder is edging closer and my goal seems to be get further and further away. Maybe I’m in way over my head, and I won’t be able to do it, that’s certainly how it feels right now.
Signing off this weeks blog early as Saturday I’m having family time! I get to see family who because of our busy lives we don’t get to see often, I also get to hand out with my goddaughter Evie and her ever so cool brother Lewis, and meet the littlest and newest member of their little family! Obviously I would love to say I’ll be good and watch what I eat, but that would be a lie!!!!
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