I decided that nothing will ever beat that feeling of waking up in the cutest little fairytale wooden cabin after the best nights sleep. I actually miss those wooden beds!

Wednesday morning as usual started with my Goldilocks porridge (seriously this girl LOVES her porridge) So we had always planned to head to the blue lagoon, unfortunately we decided not too, and had also been advised not too, in fact they had also stopped selling tickets to the blue lagoon, so even if we wanted too we couldn’t. And of course that was due to the could erupt any day volcano and earthquakes, that were happening just under and around the lagoon. I “heard” you have about 3 minutes to evacuate should anything happen while you’re there – so no thanks, I gave that a pass.

Instead we headed to Raufarhólshellir an underground lava cave created by a volcanic eruption over 5,000 years ago! I got my helmet and headlamp and couldn’t wait to head down into the cave which was pretty epic, and very interesting and lasted just over an hour.

Jumping in the car and heading a little further to the Hveradalir Geothermal Area, ‘the Valley of the Hot Springs,’ which is precisely what its name suggests—a fantastic destination with great photo opportunities. Although I have to say the sulphur smell was so bad, it was at times unbearable (and I don’t like eggs at the best of times) however it was all well worth it.

From there we headed to Kerið, a 6,500 year old volcanic crater lake located in the Grímsnes area in south Iceland, not only did we visit it, we all got to walk around an actual volcanic crater! It’s a must for anyone heading to Iceland.

Spending the rest of the late afternoon walking around reykjavik (which is so pretty) and having a look around Hallgrímskirkja cathedral, we ended the day with dinner and an ice cream. Before heading off to sit outside and wait for the northern lights to appear – and they certainly did not disappoint.

I had fallen in love with this absolutely beautiful country although most of the names of places I couldn’t pronounce. But it is a stunning destination, and I hope to return one day.

12,605 steps

6 miles walked

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