Falling asleep looking out of the window on the 79th floor of the Sky Tower was my new obsession! I was definitely going to miss these views.

So after an amazing sleep it was a super exciting Sunday as we were heading off to Australia zoo – home of the crocodile hunter (crikey) It was an hour and a half train journey to get there, followed by a shuttle bus, but totally worth the journey. The zoo was massive, you could walk around it without being on top of other guests, and I wholeheartedly admire the conservation work that they do, it’s just a pure inspiration. It was lovely to see that Steve Irwin although no longer here was still a huge part of Australia zoo, and I couldn’t help feeling sad about his untimely death, I mean what a huge inspirational person, the world would be a better place with more Steve Irwin’s in it.

The highlight for my sister and I was definitely the koala experience, we could only book 2 spaces unfortunately but luckily for us our husbands took a backseat and wanted us to do the experience rather than them (forever grateful) because it was a bucket list thing to do and I got to tick it off. Bookings are done direct on the Australia Zoo website, in advance.

The day was a hot and humid 28 degrees, with lots of tropical downpours – I swear Australia is far wetter than Florida, I mean honestly never been to a country that rains quite this much. However I still absolutely love it here. And the tropical climate makes it feel so much warmer even with the at times heavy downpours.

Spending the entire day at the zoo, we left just before closing for the long journey home. It was an Uber eats kind of night whilst watching episodes of the crocodile hunter on YouTube!

I felt sad knowing my time in Australia was almost over, but was ready to enjoy my last day on Monday.