Okay, so I kind of woke up to more rain…..but I did wake up to the most insane view, and so it made up for the fact that it was indeed raining again (seriously AGAIN!)

On this particular wet Saturday morning it was time to pack up our suitcases and check out of our lovely apartment on the 29th floor, and board a train to Brisbane.

Obviously we made time for breakfast before travelling, and I stand by what I say and that is Australia really does do the best breakfast’s! I mean the açai bowls the overnight soaked oats the granola bowls and smoothies are just literally (chefs kiss) We ate at Elk Espresso which is a walk in establishment only and is extremely popular, so be prepared to wait, but it’s definitely well worth the wait.

After finishing up breakfast we were not quite ready to get our train, so Luke and I decided to do something crazy and spontaneous and kind of out of character. We headed off to Mermaid beach and got – Tattoo’s – SERIOUSLY TATTOO’S (sorry mum) she absolutely hates tattoos. To be honest it wasn’t a completely random thing to get done, Luke has 2 tattoos already and I had been thinking of getting one for a while, I even have an entire Pinterest board full of tattoo ideas. It was actually a rainy day in Sydney when Luke and I walked past a tattoo shop and Luke said we should go in and get one (not sure if he was half joking or not) but it kind of planted the seed that I wanted to do this spontaneous totally out of character thing whilst in Australia. After a bit of research Luke and I headed off to Westside tattoo to see if we could get a walk in appointment for our impromptu tattoos. So of course this was my first tattoo and once the super friendly guy behind reception told us that we could have our tattoos done today, the nerves started to sink in. It was a mix of anxiety, nerves and thoughts of “am I going to regret this” Our tattoo artist was called Nadja and she was just so lovely, so chatty and friendly and instantly put me at ease, and of course I went first because that gave me zero chance of backing out. After all the prep work was done I sat there heart pounding watching her every move as she started doing my fine line tattoo. Now for everyone who’s got tattoos you all what it feels like, but for those who don’t all I can say is – it really DOESN’T hurt! I had talked myself into being super painful and was surprised to find it didn’t, sure it wasn’t like this nice sensation, it was irritating and almost scratchy. But not the unpleasant sensation I thought it would be. The whole thing took about 10 minutes and when it was finished I just absolutely loved it. I think sometimes Luke and I are seen as this very serious responsible couple but actually we’re pretty goofy most of the time, and love doing completely spontaneous things. And what’s more spontaneous and memorable than getting your first tattoo in Australia. It’s a permanent reminder of an amazing trip with my husband. My design was simple but so pretty and represents my love of travel and being beside the ocean and the sun represents Luke who is the sunshine in my life and when I look at it it kind of makes me feel like I am capable of conquering the world, it’s a weird confidence boost but I’m here for it. Luke’s tattoo is our initials and the date of our wedding and I just love it, it’s so special. I mean there are worse things I could do right, I don’t really drink, I don’t smoke, a little tattoo is a minor thing. Although I did spend the whole of the first week after getting it done thinking I had definitely made a mistake and looking at foundation to cover it – thankfully I’m over that stage now, and I love my cute little bit of ink.

So after getting inked it was eventually time to head to the train station early afternoon, and an hour and a half later we were in Brisbane, where it was also raining. Okay it was just rain and a little rain never hurt anyone – cue absolute downpour! On a plus it was a lot warmer in Brisbane than in Sydney and Gold Coast, so I’ll take that rain and heat any day!

We checked into our apartment at the sky tower (the name just gives it away really) where we were given our room on the 79th floor! That’s right – 79th! The views were just insanely ridiculous, I could have sat watching out of the window for hours, I am forever obsessed with the views.

As none of us had actually eaten since breakfast we decided to head to eat street to try out some of the street food. The place was such a boujee vibe and I was totally here for it! I loved it so much, and would absolutely recommend.

After wondering around for a good few hours, it was time to call it a day and head back to the apartment so I could watch out of the window and obsess over the view.

I was very much looking forward to waking up in Brisbane on Sunday.