After the best nights sleep (like a proper non jet lagged sleep) I woke up to sunshine and the most amazing view , and it instantly put the biggest smile on my face. I got up just after 8am and was out of the door by 9am. We had breakfast at No Name Lane cafe and bar (highly recommended) where I started the day off with the cutest (don’t you just love cute food) Açai bowl and kale and spinach smoothie, being healthy in Australia is FAR easier than attempting to be healthy in Florida.

After breakfast it was time to head out onto the water for some adrenaline – which honestly I have come to realise that I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie in terms of high speed roller coasters , like nothing phases me! (Am I ready to sky dive? – NEVER) Still a good way to get some adrenaline action was to head out on the jet boat xtreme tour, which we all literally loved, got pretty soaked and wanted to go faster! The whole tour lasted about an hour and was booked through the viatour app.

By the time the jet boat ride was over it had not surprisingly started to rain, so we headed to Pacific Fair for a spot of retail therapy. There was nothing I particularly needed or wanted, and I was always forever mindful of the 3 planes back to the UK and luggage weight allowance. But still I did enjoy looking in all the shops and I did manage to find myself a jumper, and I know I keep saying it, but it did get chilly every now and then, and I just really feel the cold.

Whilst in Gold Coast it was my sister’s husband’s birthday, so we wrapped things up early and headed back to the apartment to get ready for a little birthday celebration. We finished off our Friday with a lovely meal at Edgewater Dinning It was a beautiful restaurant with lovely food, my sister booked it before we even landed in OZ, as the reviews are very good, so we didn’t want to miss out. I also had a perfect view of the bats flying in and out of the trees, I then saw one land on the branch, which is like totally boring to everyone, but I just love bats so it was a big deal for me.

We all headed back to the apartment ready to sleep. Our time in Gold Coast was short but enjoyable and memorable. Saturday I would be heading to Brisbane for the final part of my trip.