Today was all about meeting up with the Barnes’s and travelling to Gold Coast, and after 3 wonderful days in Sydney I couldn’t wait to explore a different part of epic Australia. We met up at 9am and headed straight to Sydney airport (domestic) where we went on to catch our 12.30pm Rex airline flight which took roughly around 1 hour 30 minutes.

Stepping out of the Airport I can report that it was WARM! Like so much warmer even with a tiny bit of rain! I mean that made me super happy after spending the last 2 days feeling pretty cold .

We checked into our gorgeous apartment Koko Broadbeach on the 27th floor – seriously what a view! Literally obsessed with the view!

Then after a quick change it was time to head out and explore – on bikes…. BIKES! I hate bikes I went to this beautiful island in Seychelles where we hired bikes and it was like the worst thing ever! Or the bike in Bora Bora that Luke made me ride which had NO BREAKS! Well it turns out that these bikes were electric and after a few minutes I was actually okay, and yeah I guess I’d say it was fun….. but not something I want to to do again!

Ending the bike ride (sooner rather than later) it was time for us to head 77 stories up the sky point observation tower for the most stunning views! I mean I haven’t seen much of Australia but what I have seen is simply stunning!

The last thing on the list was an impromptu sunset cruise (boats make me so sleepy, and yes I was still jet lagged!) So it was a challenge to stay awake! But I was so glad I did because we saw the prettiest views, eagles and bats (and I simply adore bats) So I was super made up with that. It did start to rain and yes it did get cold but still I really did enjoy every second of it.

Oh and just to confuse things even more with the whole jet lag, Gold Coast was an hour behind Sydney! So yeah, body clock was well and truly messed up at this point!

The day had been long and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast which we had in the airport – and yes mine was an açai bowl of course (slightly addicted to these)

So it was time to head to Woolworths (supermarket) grab some food and head back to the apartment where I eventually feel asleep with the most insane view. The view from my bedroom window 27 stories up, such a lucky girl falling asleep looking at this.