With Jet lag still doing its thing – making it impossible to stay awake past 5pm and waking up by 6am every morning, Luke and I were once again out the door by 8am!

It was for the most part another pretty chilly day in Sydney. You did get these really warm periods, where it started to feel more summery, then the wind and rain hit and it was once again chilly! One of our Uber drivers told us that Sydney is known for 4 seasons in one day, so it’s quite up and down.

As always Luke and I didn’t let a bit of cold weather stop us, not with a whole city to explore, and seeing as it was our last day in Sydney, there was really no time to waste. As always first stop – breakfast at Brew Bro’s, Luke always manages to find the most cute little cafes that do the nicest pretty healthy breakfasts. And Brew Bro’s did an amazing açai bowl, it’s the perfect way to set you up for the day.

Our last day in Sydney was quite full on starting off with a trip to the wildlife Australia zoo, located in Darling Harbour. The zoo is pretty small but well worth a trip to, there are plenty of animals, the staff are super friendly and informative and happy to answer your questions, and it wasn’t a very busy day when we went (although it was midweek, so maybe different at weekends)

After that we headed off to the shopping centre (because someone told me there was a bath and body works there) and well It would be rude to not take a look right! And to my absolute delight there WAS a bath & body works, and of course I NEEDED to stock up on hand sanitisers (okay well I didn’t need too, but that’s a minor detail)

The final two stops of the day were the Sydney tower eye, with literally fantastic unspoiled views of the city, before heading off to the Sydney opera house, which really was a beautiful sight. We didn’t do the guided tour we just walked around outside admiring the architecture (genuinely never thought I’d ever admire any kind of architecture!) But it really is a beautiful building.

There’s really so much to do in Sydney whether you are there for a short time like Luke and I or a longer time. You can easily go out all day and find plenty of things to do.

Unfortunately it started to once again rain quite heavy and jet lag started to hit us at about 5ish, so we decided to get an Uber back to the hotel and change into some fresh clothes ready to meet up with my sister and her husband (who had been in Australia a week at this point as they had a wedding to go too, but the plan was to always meet up and then embark on the next adventure together). Unfortunately after the long hot shower, tiredness hit me so hard that I just couldn’t keep my eyes open (Luke was also the same) We ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours, then woke by which point it was too late to meet with my sister, so we got a take out Nando’s instead, then fell straight to sleep.

Sadly my time to say goodbye to Sydney had finally come and on Thursday morning we would be meeting up with the My sister and her husband aka The Barnes’s to then take a flight to Gold Coast, to make more incredible memories. As much as I have loved my time here I am more than ready to move on and embark on a brand new adventure.

I am so thankful for the memories this beautiful city has given me.