Hi and welcome back to the blog! And yes, here we are, it’s Monday again!

Okay, firstly I am loving this cold weather we have been having. The frosty mornings, the bright but extremely cold days, this is absolutely everything that I am here for. For this autumn/winter loving girl, it’s like pure bliss for me. This morning I have woken up to storms, and just for the record that is not my vibe!

The cold weather in general really brings out the hibernation side of me. And to be perfectly honest I love nothing more than getting home in the evenings, shutting the world out and getting cosy under a blanket with a book and a steaming mug of hot chocolateliterally perfection.

Of course with it being so dark and cold outside I love my house to have that cosy hibernation vibe, so I can sit back, relax and chill. My home has to match the seasons in terms of how it smells. So for the crisp winter weather I love my house to have that cinnamon, Clove, pine, cedarwood and sandalwood scent in the air that just screams cold frosty winter days. So naturally my candles, reed diffusers and plug-ins are all selected very carefully. You really can’t have a candle burning that’s called “summer nights” when you are secretly praying for a dusting of snow this year. I much prefer the rich deep aromas that circulate the house making it feel super cosy.

With hibernation in full swing – especially on the weekends, movie nights in are a must! I like movies nights whatever the season to be honest, but during the winter months they are a necessity. My two favourites from January so far are Saltburn (honestly great storyline, and a few OMG moments – if you know you know, but well worth a watch) I also finally sat down and watched the film Thanksgiving (slasher horror of course) and it’s also well worth a watch.

Wrapping my weekend up, there was a couple of lay ins (because that’s what weekend’s are for) A couple of delicious home cooked meals (prepared by me) and of course the weekend just wouldn’t be complete without dedicating some time to Hunter, my needy, handsome and incredibly cute dog. I love dedicating a day where we do something other than our usual daily dog walks to him. So I like to walk somewhere different with him. Although to be honest he doesn’t like the cold and I do think he would much prefer to be at home snuggled in his cave bed sleeping!

And on a real quick side note, I thought I’d share my perfume of the month with you. Which for January is – Nomade by Chloé this is just perfect for winter with its woody fragrance and fresh, floral notes. It’s Intense but also has a sweetness of the Mirabelle plum and a flowery scent of freesia.