A weekend is like a reset button for your soul – press it, and you’ll find yourself in the happiness of everyday life.

Oh weekends, don’t you honestly just love them? Once Thursday comes around I know that I am one step closer to the magic of the weekend, and that right there is happiness.

After the really (really, really) long week I was more than ready for the weekend and to hit that reset button. Friday simply couldn’t come quick enough for this weekend loving girl!

For me it was a really up and down week, trying to maintain this positive, nothing can get me down attitude is really tough when you feel like different things come along and just slap you in the face! And honestly there were like 3 different things that slapped me right in the face last week and left me with lots of questions. I am slowly trying navigating the art of stepping back taking a moment and just breathing, before reassessing the situation, instead of bulldozing right on in there (like 2023 Lisa would have) Although there are some things and situations that are harder to digest than others.

Anyways back to the weekend (that went by way too fast) It was nice to wake up on Saturday after a little lay in and have a relaxed morning getting ready, and equally it was so nice to actually do my hair and do my makeup. I really do lack effort during the working week as everyday involves 3 dog walks rain or shine, so it’s far easier embrace the messy bun look for the majority of the week.

Saturday was a wonderful day well spent in a very chilly London. Luke and I had tickets for Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegria at the Royal Albert Hall, and when I say I was beyond excited, I truly mean it. Alegria was the first Cirque show that I ever saw as a little girl, and that is where my love for cirque started. I have now seen many of Cirque du Soleil’s wonderful shows, though Alegria has been and still remains my favourite which I have now seen 7 times to date. So the fact that not only was this show back touring, and was finally in London but I would be front row watching it again for the first time in 11 years. It was kind of a really special moment for me. And the show – was everything, 11 years after I last saw it, it still has my whole heart.

Sunday was a day with no initial plans, but not wanting to chill about all day I decided that we needed to get dressed and get outside with Hunter.

I love dedicating days to Hunter where we head on out into the fresh air and let him burn off as much energy as possible. It was a chilly day but a lovely dry day, which are the best. Hunter was living his best life, sniffing every single blade of grass, and happily saying hello to other dogs. Luke and I got our steps in, and burnt some calories, it was nice to blow away some cobwebs and clear the mind.

But weekends end far too soon and Mondays come around far too quickly. Which means the countdown to the next weekend starts right now.

Have a great week