Hello, from this autumn/winter/Christmas loving girl! Yes I may be in the minority to all you sun worshippers but I absolutely love the cold weather (although technically I don’t like being cold, which is weird but anyways …..) I do thrive in these colder months, and my outfit choice even if I do say so myself is far more on point in Winter than in summer. Oh and when winter gives you Christmas it’s just like double triple yays from me!! And I can finally announce that I have found my Christmas spirit, it took me around 7 days, but I am now full on Christmas sweater wearing and the Christmas films are now being watched in the Kendal house. Side note – Hunter is not a fan of the cold……….

I seem to have headed into December with a pretty full on diary – a weekend away just gone, and a date day in London with Luke this Saturday. And let’s not forget to add in wrapping a lot of presents, Hunters 4th birthday and making treats for the holiday season. Oh and let’s throw in some full time work for good measure and around 31 Christmas movies that I just HAVE to watch before December 25th! Still loving the busy life. –

The first week of December has flown by, and regardless of the lack of festive spirit (in the first few days) I have been extremely busy with online shopping and buying SO many presents for all my family. Christmas really is a big deal for me, and I love celebrating it and spoiling everyone, it just makes my heart so happy. And of course as previously mentioned in my last blog post I actually get to spend the entire Christmas holidays with my husband – for the first time in the 10 years that we have been together! So it’s like an even bigger deal for me this year!

Just 2 weeks left at work, then all the Christmas traditions that I’ve been doing since I was a little girl can start.

On an even more personal note – I really don’t share anything on my blog about the personal life of family, however I will do today. In May of this year my husband Luke’s sister Mel was given the devastating news that she had stage 4 bowel cancer. Honestly I can’t even comprehend how she must have felt getting that news, she’s only in her 30’s, she has a 7 year daughter, she’s a teacher, and really has her whole life ahead of her.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think I have fully got it into my head, because surely something like that couldn’t possibly happen to a family member of mine. Mel was one of my bridesmaids, who stood next to me as I prepared to marry her brother just last January, it’s unreal how things can change and how you truly never really know what’s around the corner.

I think there’s a huge element that has scared me on a personal level the biggest being the fact that she had no symptoms prior to her diagnosis.

Mel is an incredibly strong willed lady and she has responded very well to treatment, however in the UK chemotherapy is the only option available to her and that means she will be on it for the rest of her life, or until her body builds up a resistance to it. Not taking this news lightly, after a lot of research Mel has found treatment available in Germany, but as you can imagine that comes at a price. So the family are rallying around organising fund raising events, and auctions. I wanted to share her story here, and if anyone wants to donate then please do. Or if you want to follow her journey then please also do on either Facebook or instagram. https://gofund.me/b3c1c73b