Hello, and happy, happy October! We are now well and truly into the autumn season, not that you would necessarily think it, with the ridiculously warm weather. I mean would some morning frost really hurt? I am patiently waiting for that time to come.

Okay, so seeing as it’s now October I really feel like we need to talk about horror movies. Or more specifically Halloween/spooky movies in general and the fact that during the month of October aka the spooky month I watch precisely 1 Halloween movie a night.

Okay, yes I know there isn’t 31 actual days of Halloween as it suggests in my blog post title, I realise that technically it’s just one night of celebration, sweets and a horror movie. But in my world (if you’re new here then hi & welcome) Halloween is not just celebrated on the 31st of October. I like to enjoy the spooky season for a long whole month, I mean why not right? It does only come around once a year, so I like to make the most of it.

Halloween has forever been one of my favourite seasons, and in my family has always been a marked occasion with decorations and fancy dress. As a little girl I would usually be dressed as a mini witch or vampire but as I got older the costumes got better (obviously) I mean let’s not forget the year I pulled out all the stops and attended a Halloween party as a doll, robbed of the winning crown I still thought it was a pretty good effort! – Photo inserted Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

It’s been a few years since I went to a Halloween party, but that still doesn’t stop me from embracing the spooky season with nightly horror movies.

Anyone who really knows me will know that just like autumn, horror movies are also “my thing” I have genuinely seen so many horror movies over the years, and honestly, none of them really scare me. I’m still looking for that really creepy, plays on your mind long after the film has ended, shocking, didn’t see that coming horror movie (so if you know of any feel free to leave a comment)

I watch horror movies all year round, I mean they are basically my go too genre. But watching horror movies during the spooky season seems to elevate on a different level.

So 31 days in October means there’s 31 horror movies to be watched – and in true Lisa fashion I’ve made a list of my favourite Halloween & horror movies. Because even though it’s spooky season I do like to throw in a few classic Halloween ones – hocus pocus being one of my favourites!

1 Casper

2 The Addams family

3 The Addams family Values

4 Coraline

5 Corpse Bride

6 The Nightmare before Christmas

7 Beetlejuice

8 Scream

9 Scream 2

10 Scream (2022)

11 Scream VI

12 Hocus Pocus

13 Insidious

14 The Conjuring

15 The Conjuring 2 Enfield haunting

16 The Conjuring 3 The Devil made me do it

17 Interview with the Vampire

18 A Nightmare on elm street (the original)

19 You’re next

20 Ready or not

21 Stigmata

22 Childs Play (the original)

23 Friday the 13th (the original)

24 IT

25 IT Chapter two

26 Sleepy Hollow

27 Stigma

28 Halloween (2018)

29 Halloween Kills

30 Halloween ends

31 Halloween (the original)

Spooky season, don’t you just love it!