When Wednesday literally feels like Monday – and I can tell you, I’m not here for it! It feels like a long never ending week. One where the traffic has been awful, and the days have been long.

Anyways, enough moaning from me, because I am back today with another little facts post. So here it is

Hi, it’s me – Part 2

I am a lover of horror movies : I have watched so many horrors and some really really good horrors! But I haven’t found THAT horror – the one that really scares me!

I love Disney, but I don’t LOVE Disney : Okay yes this is a weird one, so the thing is, I love Disney movies, I love visiting Disney parks and I love the magic of Disney. I don’t like wearing Disney prints, and I don’t like Disney home decor (at all!) nor do I love an array of Disney stuffed toys!

Watching a Westend show is a day well spent : I’m super lucky living only 40 minutes away from London, which means I can watch a Westend show whenever I want too. I have a long list of shows that I have already seen and a long list that I really want to see.

I have an obsession with Peanut Butter : In Fact I LOVE peanut butter, and in my cupboard currently there are 10 jars (all different I might add) Some are almond butter and some are cashew, as well as the standard peanut.

I think wild flowers are just the prettiest : There’s something about them, I think they are often underrated. Downgraded as “weeds” or “unwanted flowers”. They grow anywhere! But I think that’s what makes then special, they don’t care about status or being perfect, they just bloom, and it’s like with minimal effort too

I love all things rose : Whether it’s a rose latte, rose chocolate, rose cake, a rose Turkish delight, rose reed diffusers or rose perfume. It’s one of my favourite scents and I can’t get enough of it.

The Oud scent is undeniably a must have fragrance : Nothing screams autumn more than a beautiful Oud scent! And whilst I love rose fragrances I tend to wear those more in the summer months. But once we hit September expect me to be walking around smelling of that deep warm, woody, intense fragrance.

I’m a savoury over sweet kind of girl : Its usually one or the other right? And I definitely fall into the savoury category. I will take crisps, nuts and a cheese board over chocolate and sweet desserts any day.

I’ve been a pescatarian for more than 10 years : Common questions I get asked on this are – Do I miss meat? No, Will I ever eat meat again? No, why don’t I eat meat? Simple answer is, I love animals, all animals! That includes chickens and turkeys, and so therefore I don’t want to eat them.

I want to see the world : Well most of it anyways!I’ve travelled to a few places, but I have lots more on my list.

I cannot start my day without porridge : I honestly can safely say that I cannot start my day without original porridge, almond milk, a tea spoon of pumpkin butter & fruit. Oh and let’s not forget a mug of tea.

I own over 100 bottles of perfume : It’s true! I have a perfume collection. I love perfume, and I own over 100 bottles. I’m a girl who doesn’t just stick to one perfume, I like to mix it up accordingly. Although I do have my favourites.

So there you go, that’s me, basically x