Let me start this blog by saying that I am gleefully jumping up and down with uncontrollable excitement because not only is today Friday, but it’s also (dramatic pause for effect) ……… SEPTEMBER! At last, it’s the start of the beautiful autumnal season, I mean I don’t know if it actually is technically autumn yet, but at least in my world it is!

I honestly cannot stop smiling, it’s like I can actually smell autumn in the air. The crisper mornings, the darker nights, all I need to do now is get out the autumnal wardrobe and I am good to go!

Just day dreaming about chunky knit jumpers, jeans and boots fills my heart with happiness – slightly too dramatic? Maybe, but who cares!!

Because (incase I haven’t mentioned this before) this is the start of MY season, I am kicking it off with an impromptu trip to Cork (Ireland) on Saturday, and I cannot wait! I did a similar thing in July when Luke and I headed off to spend 12 hours in Dublin. It kind of gets a mixed reaction when we mention this to people as some think it’s a waste of time and would rather spend a long weekend instead of one day. But I think day tripping to beautiful places is an excellent way to see the sights, bath in the culture, and sleep in your own bed at the end of the day. It might not work for everyone but Luke and I love adventure and travel, and love impromptu day trips. And for us it’s all about doing it while you can, so we do!

September for me isn’t the busiest of months so far, so I shall just be waiting for all the horror movies to hit the cinema and consuming as many pumpkin spice frappes as possible. Speaking of which, I had my first one of the season yesterday, and it was absolutely worth the wait! I still think pumpkin spice season should be more of an all year round thing, but that’s just my opinion.

Happy September