There are certain things about myself that I have always accepted as undeniable facts: I not great at sports, I am unable to pass a dog without smiling at it, and making some kind of noise because it’s so cute!; and I cannot properly function between the hours of 2pm and 4.30pm (Monday to Friday) because ideally I should be napping, or at least I would like to be napping, but work kind of gets in the way of that!

Since it’s been a few years since I last did a little facts about me post I thought why not throw one into the mix today!!

So here is is, part one – Hi, it’s me!

I’am always cold : Yep, it’s true that even in the Summer months I am that girl who always takes a sweater out with me because at some point I will need to put it on!

I absolutely hate feeling tired : Its like the worst feeling ever when your eyes feel so heavy that they are literally burning, which is basically me Monday to Thursday! And if I mix together being tired and being cold it makes for a miserable me!

I am the proudest dog mum ever : I literally talk about Hunter how normal people talk about their kids! I absolutely baby him, he is super spoiled and he has both Luke and I wrapped around his paw! I also have way too many photos of Hunter on my phone! In short, he is like our child!

I hate it when people use the terminology “holibobs & famalam” : WHY! Why say that, when holiday & family will do just fine.

I have a blocked Facebook and instagram list of around 50 people : Once I’m done, I’m done, and I will hit that block button and have zero regrets. In fact I am the same when it comes to instagram, although I tend to use the mute button when I start seeing one too many posey photos.

I Love designer bags : It’s like the one luxury I have to have! I don’t care about designer shoes or clothes, but bags are my thing!

Leopard print is life : Like seriously LIFE! I just love a bit of leopard print, but do tend to wear more of it during the autumn and winter months.

Autumn is my favourite season : Not to go on and be completely boring (if you follow my blog posts regularly) BUT its true I just love autumn! I literally love everything about it, it just fills me with this warm fuzzy feeling, and I can’t help but to smile.

I am Pumpkin spice obsessed : There is nothing better than when that sweet sweet pumpkin spice aroma feels the air. Luke makes a mean batch of pumpkin spice pancakes which are my favourite. But honestly from biscuits, cake and chocolate to everything in between I could eat pumpkin spice all day everyday. It doesn’t stop at eating it though, I enjoy it in drink format and once we hit September my entire house smells like pumpkin spice.

It’s always a Starbucks and never a Costa : I’m pretty sure it’s either one or the other right? And for me it’s always, always a Starbucks! It’s usually a coffee frappe with oat milk (no cream) although I do mix it up with a chai frappe (and coconut milk) or a Matcha frappe with oat milk and sugar free vanilla syrup. I do like to alternate. But once September arrives it’s all about the Pumpkin spice!!

I am a huge fan of long lay ins : Nothing says Sunday like a lay in! Saturday’s I don’t mind doing things and making an exception of getting up early(ish) but Sundays it’s a flat out NO NO!!

I’ll leave here with part 1 but look out for part 2, it’s coming soon!!!