There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday and realising that it is indeed Saturday and you don’t work Saturdays, so there’s no need to get up! Which means you can enjoy a nice long lazy lay in! That was me last Saturday and I enjoyed every second of it. The air con was on, hunter was fast asleep in his Crete I had the entire Saturday to do whatever I wanted. I just love days like that!

I decided on a chill weekend last week, the weather hasn’t been great for July and to be honest it’s giving me real autumnal vibes. And as I have mentioned many times before I am absolutely here for autumnal vibes! It’s like I’m torn between wanting to wear cute little playsuits and feel the warm sun on my face and getting out my cosy clothes, layering up and taking frosty morning walks. And if I had to choose between the seasons we all know autumn wins hands day all day every day.

With another weekend that once again went by way too fast by any standards. We now find ourselves in August – yes I am absolutely doing a little happy dance as we creep closer and closer to my season. I mean if I’m honest I’ve kind of written summer off now, it’s been the most unsettled in a long long time, I’ve barely managed to wear any of my summer outfits, so I’m kind of ready to pack them away!

August is a semi busy month for me, I have a few birthdays to celebrate my own “Lisa day” included. I have a little bank holiday getaway to wales with family near to the end of the month. And Luke and I have a few more things going on which kind of all make for a “semi” busy month.

Since we are here, in this brand new month I took 5 minutes this morning (whilst drinking my first cup of tea) to reflect on the last 7 months and to be honest I’m pretty disappointed in myself. When I entered 2023 I was adamant about trying to be this girl who stayed away from negativity, negative people, and in general people who are just not great for me to be around. Well needless to say that didn’t last at all long, in fact I’m pretty sure it went out the window before I had even made it to February. As disappointed as I am, I am a firm believer that it’s never too late, so here I am, the first few days in august starting (hopefully) as I mean to go on. Since making this decision I’ve actually felt a little lighter, like some weight has been lifted, some extra baggage has gone, and I can breath a little better. And it’s actually a really nice feeling.

So happy August everyone, whether we get any sun or not, I’m hoping it’ll be a good one.