It finally feels like summer, it’s taken it’s sweet time but at last I have ditched the heavy clothing and replaced them with what I like to call “cute outfits” Mainly jumpsuits for work and playsuits for all other occasions. The days ahead are now filled with more daylight hours, sunshine, and amazing weather (hopefully)

Speaking of weather how dreamy has it been this past week? At last here in the UK we’ve got the weather we’ve all been secretly craving and you get the sense that everyone just feels better for it.

With the arrival of these warmer days , it reminds me how much I can’t wait for picnics in the park, daytrips to the beach & al fresco evenings. And whilst the autumnal girl inside me is just bursting to break free and drink pumpkin spice Frappuccinos until my little heart is content (don’t judge me) I still can’t help but to smile when I feel the warm sun wash over me, and hear the birds chirping away in the trees, a true sign that we are close to entering a brand new season.

With the bright sunshiny weather and the almost arrival of summer, of course I have set myself some summer goals. These aren’t necessarily goals that I have never done before, they are just goals that I want to do before this summer ends.

1. Go to a drive in movie – I love a drive in movie, the last one I saw was The greatest showman with my sister way back in the summer of 2020!

2. Visit the beach – You know the days where you just get in the car and drive to a beach. Grab an ice cream & some way too greasy donuts. Kick off your shoes and walk along the beach with the sand beneath your feet.

3. Have a Picnic in the park – In the 10 years that Luke and I have been together I am sure we’ve not done the simplest little date of having a picnic in the park! I’m thinking 2023 could be the year to do this together.

4. Go Strawberry picking – This is a favourite of mine, and again Luke & I haven’t been strawberry picking since 2017.

5. Find a new summer recipe for a Saturday night dinner – I love finding new recipes anyways but finding the ultimate summer recipe is perfection! Last year I was obsessed with watermelon & halloumi salad – honestly delicious (*chefs kiss*)

6. Take Hunter swimming – Luke & I try to take Hunter swimming at least once or twice a year. We usually find a private pool and let him splash around for half an hour. There is a new one that has just opened up fairly local to us that we haven’t gotten around to taking him too. So it’s definitely on the list.

7. Tick off at least 2 new places that I haven’t been to before (UK or otherwise) – It’s no secret that I love to travel, and I will travel to anywhere (within reason) This year I have set a goal to tick off at least 2 new places, whether that is here in the uk or somewhere else, I am keen to see places I haven’t been to before.

8. Visit a farmers market – I love farmers markets and little markets in general. You always find unusual but really nice things there.

9. Visit a safari park – Another thing that Luke & I have never done together, and I think it would be the cutest little date day out.

10. Make ice cream in a bag – Okay, yes Ice cream in a bag! Apparently it’s the new thing! And it looks super fun to try, and of course I’m here for it! So I’m going to try it!

So they are my 10 things I want to do this summer, the summer of 2023. It’s an achievable list, now to stick to it and start ticking things off.

And can we just be serious for a minute? What is life without a list?