Well here we are in June! June!!!! Shall I say it again? JUNE!! And to start off the month the weather set me up once again for failure! Yes okay, spring, not my favourite season, I’ve mentioned that on many blog’s before. But I do have justified reasons for this! Like yesterday for example I woke up and I was like okay it’s spring let’s start dressing for it, plus my weather app said it was going to be 21 degrees by lunchtime (and of course the weather app is never wrong……) So I dressed in this cute jumpsuit with a pair of sandals. It was ridiculously chilly, but then again it was morning right, so it’ll warm up (I thought) I froze on the AM dog walk and my Hunter’s didn’t really go with the jumpsuit, fashion fail, people right there! So basically today did not warm up and I was cold pretty much all day! And I had to go to town to do the banking for work and of course I had no coat, because it’s SPRING!!!! I wish the weather would just make up its mind!

So May went super fast of course, the first part of the month was great, we had my sisters hen do in Marbella and Luke attended my sisters fiancés stag do in Benidorm and both were really good weekends. The other weekends Luke & I fitted in some down time where we gave the house a good spring clean and some serious TLC. The last part of May was not so great, and I think both of us agree that we were glad to see the back of that month – Goodbye!

On a happy note the next big event in my diary is my sisters wedding which I cannot wait for! I am literally so excited I could BURST! I do have one very cute ginger bear (Hunter the dog) who needs a loving dog sitter for the weekend, which is a worry as I really don’t trust that many people with him (over protective dog mum alert!) But that worry aside I can’t wait to celebrate my sister’s magical day.

My diary has now gone a little quiet as we have cancelled our trip to Egypt this year, so of course we are now looking for a new holiday destination…….. And we don’t have that much on for the time being, but of course I am ALWAYS looking for fun ideas, cute dates, and activities to fill up some of my spare time.

Here’s to a happy June, and some nice warm sunshiny days!

Off to watch love island

Please don’t judge ………..