Happy Friday! (Fri-yay, nearly the weekend day, you’ve made it to the end of the week day) whatever you like to call it, Friday is officially my favourite day of the week! And I do like to congratulate myself on making it through a whole week of work, which because of all the bank holidays we’ve had, I’m really not used to!!

This weekend happens to be the first in two that I haven’t been away! The weekend before last I was in Marbella for my sisters hen do, and last weekend Luke was away in Benidorm on a stag weekend, so I packed up my car and Hunter and we headed to my parents to spend time with them, which is far better than being home alone. So I guess you could say I’m really excited about being home for the entire weekend!

Two long lay-ins are an essential must for both Saturday and Sunday, but Luke and I are also dedicating this weekend to doing “bits around the house!” You know the odd jobs that really need doing like putting the cases in the loft, tidying out the utility room. On top of the odd jobs we are also going to get out in the garden and make it look …. Semi decent! The garden in my house has been the bain of my life since we moved in over 4 years ago! I won’t bore you with it, because to be honest it even bores me BUT in a nutshell the foundations were wrong and it’s caused problem after problem since 2019. It’s such a sorry sight that I decided it really does need some TLC! So I’m going to head to the garden centre Saturday and pick up some nice plants and shrubs and see if we can bring the back garden to life a little!

My evening plans for the weekend will include making a delicious (hopefully) Thai inspired coconut curry (healthy of course) and if I can’t find something decent to watch on one of the many channels that we have at home then I am going to binge watch season 2 of succession! Yes I am well aware that I am late to the party with this one BUT my sister recommended it ages ago and it has only been in the last few weeks that I have watched it and have really gotten into it!

Life has really gotten busy lately and it’s only going to get busier from here! And whilst I am so here for it, I cannot wait for a bit of down time, starting in just over 30 minutes!!!!!! Today work can’t finish soon enough!

Have a great weekend!!