May is the month when Spring is in full bloom, the nights are lighter and the weather (should) be turning warmer. And although the weather isn’t quite giving me those warmer vibes just yet, I’m excited that we’ve headed into this brand new vibrant season. Whilst I make no secret of the fact that this is not my favourite of seasons I still can’t help but to smile when I see all the flowers blooming & the bees and butterflies doing their thing.

It’s that time of year when I love being able to spend more time outside, even dog walks become more enjoyable in spring! I think it’s just a great feeling to get active and get out. I always love the motivational feeling that the changing of the seasons gives me. Even if I say that every season and even if it doesn’t last for too long, I’m still here for it.

With summer fast approaching I feel like there’s no better time for a good old spring clean! It’s time to discard the unnecessary items that have piled up in the loft, my wardrobes and various corners and figure out what to do with them! My usual go too’s are either charity shop donations or Vinted, because you really cannot beat a bit of Vinted selling! I really do love having the ultimate spring clean, it’s good to declutter buy some spring candles, and add a few shades of colour within your home decor.

With a change in seasons I always feel it’s a brilliant time to change my eating habits slightly. It’s almost time to get out the cute play suits and summer dresses, so it’s a perfect time to kick start the “really” healthy eating. And I say “really” healthy because to be honest I eat relatively healthy for the most part anyways. But I always like to up my game this time of year. And honestly there could be nothing worse than trying on last years summer wardrobe clothes to find that they don’t fit as well!! HORROR!!!!

All in all spring is just that vibrant season that makes me want to step back, relax & reflect. Get things done, head out in the sunshine and enjoy the next few months. Although am I secretly counting down to autumn?……… Maybe…….