Get a dog they said it’ll be fun they said………..

Okay okay, it IS fun – sometimes, I mean definitely not all the time! You know like when it’s windy, rainy, snowy oh and extremely hot when you can’t walk your dog, but your dog doesn’t understand so sulks all day because he wants to walk!

But other than that, it’s all cool – honest ……..

I get that not everyone will get or appreciate this post, it takes a special kind of person to become a dog mum/dad right. Some people prefer cats, some people dislike animals full stop. Some people like dogs but could never possibly own one. And I honestly I get all of it, but to be an actual dog owner, we’ll if you know, you know right?

I have been a dog mum for over 3 years now, and to be honest I do love it (I do, I do, I really do, says this multiple times because Hunter does like to push me to the limit’s sometimes!) But for the most part it is good, and Hunter really is the sweetest boy.

I mean the fact of the matter is Hunter is a complicated dog! He is super needy, although to be fair that is the nature of his breed. But he really needs lots of attention, love and affection – like all the time!

He’s a homeboy and definitely prefers to to be at home than anywhere else, he struggles to settle in different environments. So having hunter come to work with me Monday – Thursday is a struggle. It’s one of those situations where I am so lucky that Hunter gets to come with me everyday but at the same time, when he’s in one of those moods where I have no idea what he could possibly be so unhappy about, and to be honest I don’t think he knows either it makes for a really (long) tough day.

Mondays are our worst office days together, Hunter hates them, seriously my dog has the Monday blues! He can never settle, he’s constantly crying – he wants to go out, he doesn’t want to go out, oh no wait he does want to go out! I mean it’s relentless with him. It gets to a point that when he does eventually settle I have to weigh up whether me going to the toilet is worth it, or do I just hold it in so I don’t disturb the sleeping dog – yea the struggle is real!! I think it’s safe to say that we just don’t vibe on Monday’s, and I don’t vibe for Mondays ever! So it just makes it a whole lot worse!!

I do feel as though my husband gets off pretty lightly as he only has Hunter on Fridays, and believe me those days I love! Because as much as this ginger lovable dog is my world, having time away from him is a good thing! Plus it means I get a whole hour for lunch, instead of the 20 minutes I usually get, because the lunch time walk is a necessity.

Of course I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t plenty of good days, because there are, so so many good days. As much a Hunter is for part is a complicated dog, his personality is huge, and he has a few personalities that’s for sure! We have happy, excited, crazy, needy, loving, sleepy, cute, whiny, boisterous, unhappy and my favourite one of all – super loving.

It’s true what they say, we don’t really deserve dogs, they love you unconditionally and they never ever judge you. Hunter is always happy to see Luke & I, in fact he’s always happy to see anyone, anyone who will give him fuss that is. He follows us everywhere, he just likes to know we’re still there and haven’t disappeared or left him. I walk out of the toilet, and there he is sitting right outside the toilet door waiting for me.

The absolute reality is, being a dog mum means you always have poo bags and dog treats in random pockets. You’re usually covered in dog hair, you have dog slobber on your coat and heading out on a nice country walk in anything but your “old dog walking clothes” is a no no. You have throws on the sofas that you once swore your dog would never be allowed to sit on, your car becomes a dog transportation vehicle and the backs seats are covered in dog hairs and for the most part your hair is usually chucked up it what can only be described as a messy bun, because sitting there styling it only for it to get ruined on one of the walks is a complete waste of time! We have good days and bad days, he loves to test my patience regularly, he argues back at me (seriously not joking) he’s the most vocal dog I’ve ever known. He’s always trying to push the boundaries a little further and he will always let Luke & I know when he’s not happy and he lets us know by being very very loud!! But the rewards are plenty, I mean here is this living breathing 4 legged fury animal who cannot wait to see you, who wags his tail every time he’s with you, who loves you unconditionally, brightens up any day and just wants to be with you, even if it is 24/7

And in all honesty, I wouldn’t change it for the world

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