And here we are, in the month of April, I say it every month BUT honestly April already? Really! I just can’t even believe that we are 4 months into 2023. The year is going by so fast.

To be honest all I can think about right now is how it’s just 4 days until the long blissful weekend, which FYI I am so ready for. I’m struggling with the work life balance at the moment and feel weighed down with everything that I really NEED to do. As much as I love being busy, I am looking forward to some time out. I think this is one of the only weeks where I am going to spring out of bed on Monday morning, knowing that we get an extended weekend really is the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m really enjoying the lighter nights, and at times much milder weather, before it goes back to being really quite cold again (like this morning we had FROST!) It’s the season that can never make up its mind. Mild, cold, mild, cold, it makes dressing appropriately really difficult. But I must admit as much as I am here for the cold weather the thought of warmer weather heading our way is very appealing. April after all is the start of beautiful spring.

I cannot wait to get the weekend started and spend some quality time with Luke & Hunter. I must remember not not over indulge in chocolate eggs, but then when it’s Easter isn’t it kind of a necessity?

Wishing you all a happy Monday

Let the countdown begin