Happy Friday! Literally my most favourite day of the working week! I can see the weekend from here, and that sweet Saturday lay in that I am most definitely going to have.

I’m going to be honest and say it’s been one of those weeks, you know that week we’re your just not feeling it. I don’t have them often, but when I do it feels as though its me against the world!

I’ve been s**t on by a bird TWICE (seriously TWICE!) what are the chances? I’ve been unfollowed on instagram (I mean just hit the mute button right) I had an awful skating lesson on Wednesday where I almost fell a total of 4 times (but who’s counting, oh that’s right – ME) And to top it all off I’ve just been super over tired! Like did my eyes shut whilst I was sat at my desk? I wouldn’t like to say….. So can you really blame me when I say, thank god it’s Friday?

I definitely need a holiday, I need some down time, my mind is constantly busy, I’m always either doing something or thinking about the next thing that I need to do. It’s like I can never just switch off, once I finish full time work I go home to focus on my own personal businesses, and writing fresh content for lifestylelisa. It’s pretty relentless that’s for sure.

Moving on from the madness though, here we actually are in March! I mean it’s freezing today, but there are certainly little signs that spring is on it’s way. And although it is my least favourite season of them all I can’t help but to love the changing of the seasons. Out with the old and in with the new, it always makes me feel so productive. Like I actually need to Spring clean, to declutter and give my home a new lease of life. It’s quite invigorating actually. Spring time is when all of my winter reed diffusers and candles go away and get replaced with light pretty floral ones. However I have to keep one or 2 pumpkin spice diffusers out for when I need that autumnal pick me up!

I’m hoping that March turns out to be a pretty awesome month, February was probably my least favourite so far. But I do have high hopes for March, plus my diary is looking pretty full, and a full diary always makes me smile.

Have a great day