It’s Wednesday, hump day, middle of the week day, whatever you call it, it means there’s only 2 working days left until the weekend! And that makes me super happy!

With so so much going on right now, lots of planning and organising things. I sometimes forget to just sit back and breath, and it’ so important to sit back, take time, chill and breath! So today I thought I would grab a cup of tea sit down and write a blog post.

February aka the really short month (because honestly how are we half way through it already?) is also my decluttering month, it’s that month before I feel spring starts to show itself, and I love nothing more than to have a declutter. Isn’t it like the BEST feeling? Luke & I have decided it’s time for the master bedroom to have a makeover, and that means new furniture! So out with the old and in with the new, except the new doesn’t arrive for 5 weeks and the old has been sold! But not having furniture in the room makes it so much easier to declutter! I kind of really like it! With decluttering comes throwing out clothes and I have found six pairs of jeans and a dress that I no longer wear anymore. Actually three pairs of the jeans have tags on. These will all be going on Vinted, along with some of Luke’s unworn and unwanted clothes.

This month also has one (okay maybe two) fairly big calendar events so I couldn’t write a post and not mention them! February 14th is (as if I need to actually say it) Valentine’s Day! And Luke & I do like to celebrate it like we have done every year since getting together. I know it’s a little stuffy, and commercialised but I’m okay with that. Luke & I have decided to celebrate our 10th Valentine’s Day together on Saturday this year, because celebrating on a Tuesday when we have to get up at 5am on Wednesday was never going to be a good idea. So all gifts will remain a secret until Saturday, although I did get a gorgeous delivery of 24 red roses today at work. Which was super cute, and I loved them. I guess Saturday day will be of course be dedicated to Hunter, we plan to take him on a nice long muddy walk. Before coming home, having dinner (homemade by Luke) and settling down with a movie. Horror of course! I know what your thinking, how perfect does that sound! And let’s not forget pancake day is just around the corner, and Luke makes the most amazing pumpkin spiced pancakes and I have to say, I am a little obsessed with them!

With the arrival of spring just around the corner I am taking this opportunity to wear as many cute winter outfits as possible before I have to pack them away and make way for my spring collection. I’m definitely enjoying these bitterly cold frosty mornings that we have been having lately. Any excuse for a pair of jeans, boots & chunky knit jumper. And my current go too bag has to be my Burberry, it just works with bringing the winter outfits together.

Before I forget, of course I finish off the winter outfit with a red lip, and my perfume of the month has to be Nomade by Chloe. The floral, citrus, fruity woody fragrance is definitely one of my favourite’s.