Firstly let’s start by saying Happy New Year! I know I’m 10 days late, but better late than never, as they say.

It’s just a very short post to ease myself back into blogging, but it’s a special kind of post as today LifestyleLisa turns 6 years old. I have officially been blogging for 6 whole up & down years!

A blog’s birthday is always something to celebrate. Because for me I’ve hit another milestone, learned a fair amount and made a lot of great memories along the way.

I have wrote in previous birthday blogs how I have a love/hate relationship with blogging, and to this very day that is still so true! There are days & weeks when I’m so on it, so focused and have a tonne of content to work on. And then there are the blogging block moments that I have where I just can’t put together any good content. And then there are just those times where I have a lot of content that needs writing up but I literally cannot find the time or motivation to do it. And that’s the phase I have hit on currently!

Nevertheless I do keep on working at it, and for the most part I do enjoy it. I love owning this teeny tiny part of the internet, that’s kind of all mine.

So happy birthday lifestylelisa, now to find that motivation and get those posts written up!