Okay, so we all know that I love seasons, in particularly autumn, which is in my opinion is the most beautiful, stunning & colourful season of them all. It’s not a new thing, I have always loved autumn ever since I can remember, I’ve always been excited for it to arrive and am always sad to see it it leave.

I will always forever be grateful that we are lucky enough to live in a world where we have seasons, all beautiful in their own individual way. With one season turning into another, each with its own light, temperature, and weather patterns. So unique and so special.

Even though I think we are lucky to experience seasons, it doesn’t mean that I love them all equally! Don’t get me wrong all seasons are amazing and beautiful and I stand by that, but I’m just not down for all of them. I am far more an autumn & winter girl over spring & summer.

And I will just add that whilst this September & especially October have been unseasonably warm I’m okay with that, nothing can dampen my mood for this season.

So I thought I’d do a little season summery for todays blog post. Just my take on how I relate to the 4 seasons of the year.

Here we go…….

Winter – I love winter, I mean it’s cold, you can wrap up warm, I love frosty mornings and cold dog walks. And I love the fact that hot chocolate is pretty much acceptable at anytime of the day (I usually save it for evenings) And let’s not forget Christmas falls into the winter season and who doesn’t love Christmas!! The downside of winter, well there’s driving when it’s icy, the fact that we hardly ever get a decent amount of snow and usually only get a small dusting of icing sugar. Or if we do get snow, it looks pretty for only a day, then goes that horrible dirty black colour! Also the nights are extremely dark! But still I’m here for winter and all it’s offerings, it’s like hibernating in the evenings is just so acceptable.

Spring – My least favourite season of them all! It’s just so in between, it’s cold, it’s hot, oh wait it’s cold again! You never know what to wear, it’s just very unpredictable and so easy to be caught out! For example I have left for work in the morning dressed appropriately for a chilly day hence the morning weather and by 11am it was pretty warm, and I was far too hot! I feel spring just sets you up for failure. However on a positive note, when nature gives you the first signs of spring and those flowers start to bloom, I can almost forgive the fact that it’s the season who’s mind can never be made up!

Summer – Being a summer baby, having a birthday is in August I should be here for the summertime fun. But it’s not a favourite, for the most part I do prefer it to spring, I think summer is a little more stable, and less in between. I mean we have lighter nights, and warm balmy weather, and I do enjoy wearing summer outfits and sandals, although that does mean that toenails have to be pristine and painted at all times (naked toenails? No thank you!!) And of course everyone needs that summer tan, whether it’s from a bottle or a bed, because sun kissed skin always looks better! But summer BBQ’s and watching the sun go down sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening is a winner! Then on the downside to that we have, bugs, wasps, legs that constantly need to be hair free, working in stuffy offices with no air con, restless warm nights, and the fact that basically lunch time dog walks are off the agenda altogether, so if you have a dog like my hunter, that pretty much means that he will be moody and whine all afternoon! I admit that as soon as summer hits I count down to my favourite season of them all.

Autumn – Here it is, my favourite, can’t get enough of it season! The season that makes my heart full, and my smile a little bigger. For me this is THE season, the colours of the leaves on the tree’s the smell of bonfires in the air, the crispy mornings and evenings which are complemented by those warm cosy nights. I mean genuinely speaking there is literally nothing that I dislike about this season! It’s beautiful in every single way. I feel that when it arrives there’s a shift in everything, and you so to speak turn a new leaf and begin over, letting go of the negativity, annoyance and anything else that’s been bothering you. Add onto that my love for autumn wear, and pumpkins, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING AND of course HALLOWEEN!! It’s a winner in my book. I am just an autumn obsessed girl!!

So that’s my take on seasons, but what’s yours? Anyone else agree that autumn wins hands down? Anyone else think that it should be autumn 365 days of the year?……