August has seriously felt like one really long month, anyone else feel like that? Schools seemed to break up forever ago, it’s literally been the most never ending month ever!

Not that I haven’t enjoyed it, I mean we have had some lovely weather, where it’s actually felt like summer, which is a rarity here in the UK. I have also enjoyed several trips to London to see 2 amazing shows, eaten some delicious food, drank some lovely cocktails, oh and August has also thrown in a few birthdays for good measure!

Of course with August coming to an end and summer almost over my FAVOURITE and I do mean FAVOURITE months are just around the corner!!

Nothing pleases me more than September, October, November and December! Or as my wedding photographer likes to call themthe Ber months” The leaves are already starting to fall, the nights are getting darker, the mornings are a little chillier. It’s literally giving me all the feels!! September can be a little hit and miss with either a beautiful balmy Indian summer or the traditional autumnal weather, and to be honest I’m here for both. However it’s always hard to know what to wear, and I hate that predicament! You wake up early it’s really cold out, you wrap up warmer than you should, it ends up being 20 degrees and for the entire day your overheating and look stupid! OR You wake up the sun is deceiving you dress a little more summery and care free and it’s a really chilly day, so you spend the entire day shivering wishing you’d put on more clothes! I mean can we just appreciate that the problems are in fact REAL!!

I have a busy autumnal few months ahead including a few trips to Norfolk, another trip to London and I also get to cheer on my husband as he takes on his 11th …. Or maybe 12th tough mudder! Either way I am so excited to watch him as he tackles the 12 insane obstacles, and not that I’m going to bore you with it, but did I ever mention the time I did a tough mudder……….?

In between the planned events in my diary of course I’m going to find some cute walks and date ideas that I can do with both Luke & Hunter.

So PSL’s are back in Starbucks, my autumn decor is starting to come out and make its way into my home, and sweater weather is just around the corner!!

Oh and my honeymoon is just 94 days away

It’s definitely almost the season to smile, and this is one girl who will definitely not be suffering from the summertime blues.